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Allows us a deeper understanding of our human experience by connecting our creative passionate nature with our inner seeing & knowing



The D & A Tuning Forks are middle D and A in the Pythagorean Scale. They connect our hara (sacral chakra) to our 3rd eye which allows us a deeper understanding of our human experience by connecting our creative passionate nature with our inner seeing & knowing. These aluminum tuning forks represent an outer octave of the sacred spiral. When sounded together they have a most unique effect: some hear angels singing, others become aware of light being encoded in the physical and etheric. Others feel their consciousness spiraling.

Still others feel a gateway opening. Health professionals who have experimented with these tuning forks have found they balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and induce deep states of tranquility. Other professionals indicate they can balance and align the chakras. Still others believe that they actually create balance on a sub-atomic levels and can actual activate new aspects of the DNA helix. Attunement to this interval may heighten evolution, as it expands our perceptions of sound. Set of two forks (D and A) with carrying pouch. Forks are made of high-grade aluminum. D: 288 hz., A: 426.7 hz. Click here for the A# tuning fork 468 Hz Phi Ratio.

Most of our tuning forks are available with or without weights. The weighted forks give much more vibration and are especially useful for vibratory therapy. Sound puncture with these forks being placed on the meridian points or on the vertebra of focus.

Should I choose Standard or Weighted?

What are the uses for each? Standard tuning forks are great for vibrational healing such as sound toning, and for working with energies, such as opening energy blocks, clearing chakras, or cleansing auras. In the process of promoting the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, they are intended to assist and facilitate clearing, balancing, and energizing the energy body in a simple and gentle way. Standard tuning forks also have the unique quality of being able to produce harmonic intervals (multiple pitches that occur at the same time) when struck together. Weighted tuning forks don’t produce harmonic intervals as easily, however they have a much stronger vibration, making them easier to feel, and excellent for uses such as acupuncture, sound puncture, and muscle relaxation techniques. In addition to their own sound and vibrational healing qualities, weighted tuning forks can physically transfer their frequency of vibration to the body by using forced resonance, or by directly applying the handle (also called stem) of the tuning fork on the body at point of focus, such as a meridian or chakra. This is a way of creating movement or frequency vibration in any area of the body, and as such, weighted tuning forks are known to give immediate relief from pain when used with interferential therapy techniques. Weighted tuning forks vibrate for longer periods of time, and stay at their exact frequency longer. This makes them great for accurate or precision tuning or toning when doing sessions on yourself or others.

About our Tuning Forks

Our tuning forks are made from a special Aluminum Alloy that is heat treated giving them a very pure tone. The single fundamental frequency will remain constant for up to 15-20 years and the non-tarnishing material will not rust or corrode. Each fork is tuned by hand to an accuracy of /- 0.25% or better.

Please do not confuse our tuning forks with inferior products being made in China and Pakistan.


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