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Ions occur everywhere in nature. They are produced by ocean waves, streams, waterfalls, etc. Their purpose is to clean the air of particles (dust, pollen, smoke, etc.). In cities, however, ion levels are not sufficient to clean the air caused by the extra particles polluted by cars, manufacturing plants, etc. Consequently, the air has excessive amounts of dust, pollens, and smoke which you breathe in stressing your lungs. Ions are also mood elevators, so a lack of them can actually bring you down.

Plain talk about Ozone:   Ozone is a sterilizing agent used to completely get rid of chemical fumes, smoke fumes, mold, fungus, and dust mites. Ozonators are used in hotels to convert smoking rooms into non-smoking rooms. People use them to completely get rid of ‘bad’ animal odors, or after painting to remove unwanted paint fumes. You can also use them to get rid of the chemical smells inside a new car, or after installing a new carpet. Ozone occurs in small quantities at the ocean and is also generated during lightning strikes. It is safe to breathe in small quantities. When you use an ozonator to rid unwanted fumes, you want to close off the area you are treating while using it for two hours or less. There are ozonators that sterilize chemicals and germs in any water, including the cryptosporidium! You put a dispenser tube in your glass of water, turn on the machine and it is ready in about five minutes. Drinking ozonated water gives you extra energy because you are drinking oxygen-enriched water.