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Q-Link products are a unique line of EMF protection devices that can help you improve your overall wellness using your own body’s natural energies. Biofields are the subtle fields of energy that flow through and from our bodies. When your biofield goes out of balance, you feel out of balance. Q-Link products help bring you back into balance by using a unique technology known as Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT). SRT is Q-Link’s proprietary system that involves the life-supporting, frequency-specific patterns of energy your body produces. Think of SRT as a sophisticated tuning fork for your biofield, bringing you back into balance and closer to your most natural state. Some people report that Q-Link products using SRT can help in:

  • -Reducing the negative effects of EMF exposure
  • -Enhancing energy, vitality, and an overall sense of well-being
  • -Heightening focus and concentration
  • -Improving calmness, quality of life, and the ability to sleep restfully
  • -Increasing natural immunities to EMF exposure
  • -Improving body’s natural response to stress

Now these are just some of the reported effects of Q-Link products. Everyone is different and possesses different needs when it comes to biofields. Q-Link bracelets, Q-Link pendants, and other Q-Link products will work with your body’s natural energies in order to produce healthy effects. Let Tools for Wellness provide you with Q-Link pendants, bracelets, diodes, and other EMF protection products to harness the power of biofields to improve your natural responses to stress and fatigue.

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