Can Light Therapy Help Your Depression Or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Over the last few decades, you may have become familiar with something known as ‘light therapy’ and how it may be able to assist those who are suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression. The popularity of this practice has gained a lot of momentum recently as nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from…read more

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

People are constantly searching for effective ways to escape from the stress and anxiety that come with everyday life. One of the ways this has been done for decades is for people to participate in something calling ‘light and sound therapy’. This practice is thought to help a person to resonate in harmony with their…read more

What Can Meditation Do For You?

While people all over the world have been meditating for for centuries, it only became a major fad transformed into major health craze in the last few years. This is because with time, came the actual truth about the many health benefits that come with meditating. These benefits include things like improved heart health and…read more

Electrical Muscle Stimulators Aid in Pain Management

Pain management is always a concern for those who suffer from arthritis, but there are plenty of other people who have concerns about pain even though they live healthy lifestyles. Take athletes for instance: Athletes put tremendous strain on their bodies and oftentimes, seek out the help of natural therapies to induce relaxation, pain reduction,…read more

EMF Protection Methods: 5 Practical Solutions

  Over the course of the past few years, many of us have become aware of the dangers of electomagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Simply put, this is a danger that is everywhere. Cell phones, computers, microwaves, power lines…they all give off EMF. It’s time we start thinking about EMF protection seriously, especially as we learn…read more

Air Ionizers: Clarifying Fact From Myth

If you are someone who is mindful about the kinds of things that go into your body (things seen and unseen), then you are probably familiar with a particular type of air purifier that has been labeled the latest trend of alternative health in your home, the air ionizer. As is the case with any…read more

Keep Your Home Safe With These 5 EMF Blocking Products

It is the 21st century, which means our eyes are often bigger than our stomach when it comes to technological advances and their unintended byproducts. We don’t realize the consequences of pioneering advances until the accidental results have already set in. One prominent example of this point can be seen in your own home, in…read more

Everyday EMF Dangers & What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

You may have heard about electromagnetic-field danger from a wacky friend or that conspiracy theorist uncle of yours. Like many of us would be inclined, you probably sloughed off the comment in passing. But the question remains worth exploring; are EMF dangers in the home real? According to Dr. Mercola, chronic EMF exposure emitted by…read more