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Whenever you turn on a television, use a microwave, surf the internet, or drive by a high power line, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields. While the effects of these fields are still being researched, it has been reported that excessive EMF exposure can result in fatigue, headaches, or a decrease in one’s sense of well-being. ¬†Benefits are cumulative over time. Individually handcrafted; no two are alike.

Developed by Dr. Phyllis Light, Rejuvenizers deliver a lifetime of healing and protection through counteracting the stressed caused to our bodies through exposure to electromagnetic fields.

How do Rejuvenizers work? Using a dichroic coating fused on glass, a Rejuvenizer features specific programs stored within the structure of the glass to perform particular protective and healing functions. These EMF protection pendants remove the negative charges stored in the body from years of exposure to EMF signals, plus repair and protect the body from environmental toxicity, trauma, and other damage done to the body over time. As a result, you can enjoy better health, vitality, and peace of mind. Choose from 14 different pendant style Rejuvenizers for everyday wear, Circuit Rejuvenizers, Water Rejuvenizers, Indoor Rejuvenizers, and even Pet Rejuvenizers to aid in the lasting wellness of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environments.

What Users are Saying

“I used to feel scattered, like I was emotionally all over the place. I would feel like the bottom dropped out of my soul on a regular basis, with major mood downswings and upswings. Now, wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer, I feel so much more stable, and I don’t feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster anymore.” – D.R., Coatsville, PA

“Several years ago my mother bought a Rejuvenizer and gave me one as a gift. Recently I saw your catalog and I was so happy to see that you still carry these wonderful pendants. As a result of the Rejuvenizer Pendant my mother bought for me, I’ve had incredible life changing experiences! Life has become more loving and less stressful, not to mention the joy of life that has finally returned to me after years of suffering due to a serious accident. The Rejuvenizer has been my extra helper and protector both in dealing with all the high tech energy fields (I live in an urban area) and helping me to stay positive, balanced and strong. Thank you again for continuing to carry such a beautiful product, both in design and energetic features!” M.O., Chicago, IL

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