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Using light for healing has been around throughout the ages. Living in buildings that are well lit make you feel good. Bathing in the sunlight for limited periods has been time tested to help the skin and promote general wellness because shinning light on the skin works good to accelerate healing and the heat from light promotes an increase in circulation. Using color is also age-old. Certain colors were worn for specific reasons, purple was always a royal color because it was hard to find for dyes in clothing. Painting the walls of your home certain colors also affects one’s mood. Red is energizing, while green is calming. The use of colored light, however, is a much newer science. There are techniques where you can shine certain colors on a specific part of the body to heal certain conditions. Shinning different colors of light into the eyes has been found to be useful for emotional release. One of the latest is using a point of colored light for acupuncture stimulation.