DnA Repair 528 Hz. Tuning Fork


Our MOST POPULAR selling single fork! 

Great for those just getting started with Tuning forks!



Our MOST POPULAR selling single fork! Great for those just getting started with Tuning forks!

The DNA Repair 528 Hz Tuning Fork is a powerful tool to have in sound therapy. Able to produce the same frequency used by genetic engineers to repair the DNA, this 528 Hz tuning fork is wonderful to use when you want to improve your overall level of wellness using the subtle healing power of sound.

Producing the third note of the original 6 Sacred Solfeggio, this tuning fork offers a sound of 528 Hz or “Mi”, representing “Miracles”. Genetic engineers have used this frequency in DNA repair, which is anchored by a healthy core of a six-sided crystal of structured water.
Made from high-grade aluminum, this 528 Hz tuning fork offers durable and dependable sound production so that you can utilize it often as part of your sound therapy regimen. It’s tuned with care, ensuring that the correct tone is produced accurately and in a manner that is longer and stronger than comparable forks made of stainless steel. Subtle overtones are produced using the high levels of vibration, making it an essential tool for healing and meditation.
This fork is from the Solfeggio Set, and is available un-weighted only. Measures 6 1/2″ long, with a 2″ long stem. Ships in a protective bag so it doesn’t get scratched.

About our Tuning Forks

Our tuning forks are made from a special Aluminum Alloy that is heat treated giving them a very pure tone. The single fundamental frequency will remain constant for up to 15-20 years and the non-tarnishing material will not rust or corrode. Each fork is tuned by hand to an accuracy of /- 0.25% or better.

Please do not confuse our tuning forks with inferior products being made in China and Pakistan.


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