Tools For Wellness Customer Feedback & Reviews

We strive for great communication with customers during the ordering process, and serving them well after the sale, too. Take a look at some of the comments we’ve received from customers:

It is so nice to have this extra benefit. (BuySafe Guarantee) It can make a tremendous difference. It gives me the peace of mind; for that only, I will continue to buy from the company and even refer friends.

M.B. New York

Yes, I REALLY appreciate this Buy Safe benefit!

I have had my identity stolen and greatly appreciate you going to this extra mile to assure safety. And at no charge you have won my loyalty! Thank you. Patricia

P.C. Arizona

This company is without a doubt a leader in its field. The value of the product, compared to whats out there,and the cost of the product are unsurpassed in the marketplace. Thank you Tools For Wellness for all that you do.

J.S. West Virginia

You folks are real pros, and I deeply appreciate the quality of your products and your commitment to keep your word. Thanks for being a quality organization.

M.O. California

Gosh, is that it? Let me sit down.

Ok. I’m sitting now, but I still don’t quite know what to say. Customer service without question or blame or shipping charges? Unheard of these days! I am ecstatic, and cannot say thank you enough!

THANK YOU! Thank You. Thank YOU! I hope Verilux realizes what a good distributor they have in you folks … I’d be more than happy to tell them, just tell me who to contact!

I’ll let you know when I receive the new bulb … Can’t tell you much I appreciate how easy you made this for me!

R.A. Texas

The quick response and no-hassle replacement says a lot about the company, and in a time in which poor customer service is rampant in many industries, it is really refreshing to find the Nordstrom / Lands End philosophy alive and well with you folks.

J.W. Virginia


I would like to thank you for your quick response and your judgment in correcting my problem. This was my first purchase, but I am impressed with the prompt action from the Customer Service. Just because something goes wrong, the final results can determine the experience. Thank you again for making this a great experience.

L.S. California

Thank you for such aspeedy delivery!! That is one reason I love to shop with you. Sometimes we need to hear ‘job well done’ and you are the best!

D.J. Florida

Thank you so much for your quick reply upon receipt of my order. I wish other companies were as courteous and efficient.

L.G. Mississippi

The White Noise Machine I ordered waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home last night. I have to say, I had the BEST sleep ever last night!! What a great product!

T.S. Pennsylvania

I was up late (insomnia!) on a Friday night and placed an order at 2:45am and was brain dead I guess and made a big mistake on it. I emailed customer service figuring I wouldn’t hear back from them till Monday but sure enough, Emily emailed me Saturday morning. She took care of it right away which set my mind at ease and I was amazed how trouble-free it was. Great products, too! and it arrived really quickly. I’ll be back!

G.C. New York

Dear Tools for Wellness,

I would like to commend you on the quality of the products you offer and the reliability of your service. I have been ordering from you for some time now and am impressed with your product selection and the general philosophy which that product selection demonstrates. Maintain the contribution you are making to enlightening and healing the populace.

M.K. Australia

I am absolutely overwhelmed by your excellent service! My book arrived today … only 2 days after you shipped it. I can hardly believe it! I was projecting 4-14 days for delivery which would have made it in March. I was really holding my breath as I am going into the hospital on March 11 for major surgery and had hoped to be able to take it with me so that I could read it straight through from page 1 to the end. You have made this happen! I will most definitely keep your website in my favorites for future purchases. It’s nice to see companies out there like yours that really strive to take care of customers! Thanks again!

O.M. South Carolina

I purchased several items, one a floor lamp, the rest various types of bulbs. They arrived in very good time and in good condition. I wouldnt hesitate to order from this company again. Have had no need to use their customer service but feel that it is probably up to the rest of their excellent standards.

M.D. Colorado

Very good service. Actually I had a problem but it was not with tools for Wellness it was with my credit card authorization from AMEX. I left on vacation just after pushing the last button, and for some reason even when still having enough credit AMEX reject the authorization. But when I came back from vacations I found a notification of this situation from Tools from Wellness. Inmediately I called AMEX who said no problem just please notify the store again and it will be no problem and it was truth. i have no more delays and my order inmediately processed. sometimes a good service is better observed when something goes out of the normal path of action.

D.M. Mexico

I was after an unusual chanting CD. This site had it. They tracked the order, sent it immediatiatly and I recieved the item in Australia from this American site within 3 days. I can only say this was an impressive effort. I will definately use this site again.

D.H. Australia

Website is very professional & cleanly laid out. description of products is detailed & very helpful in making a selection. large amount of related merchandise was amazing! no problems encountered at all, would purchase from this site again.

J.R., Pennsylvania

This is an excellent merchant all around. Great merchandise, easy to order and your purchase comes so fast! Customer service is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend them.

L.T. Colorado

Excellent service,goods exactly as described in the catalogue and arrived in the UK within days,sooner than I expected.Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.


I sent a question to Tools For Wellness at 8pm on a Saturday night and got a response back in 45 minutes. I was amazed! Most companies don’t reply back at all, and especially not on weekends! I’ll be back… for sure! Kudos to you guys!

E.C. California

The product I ordered arrived in an extremely timely manner and in good condition. When I emailed a question to customer service, I received a reply within 24 hours. I am very pleased with Tools for Wellness.

T.G. Washington

Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for being so kind in getting my recent order to me in time for Christmas. The gentlemen I spoke with was considerate and helpful to me. His patience showed your company is thoughtful and cares for each customer.

C.J. Mississippi

I found everything to be of excellent quality and I really liked the various methods of both payment options and shipping options. I am very satisfied with everything.

L.K. Canada

Just wanted to send a Thank You for the great products you offer. I have been using the “Centerpointe Meditation CD Program” for a couple years now at your recommedation and it has been an incredible ride. I have gotten Spring Forest Qigong and Sedona Method, both excellent products.I have used both the Nuetralizing Ring and Beamer products and they all work very well. A side benefit is the people around me learn about these things and use them as well when they see the results I am able to get.

J.D. Hawaii

I love my new water ozonator. Works great, made well, delivered quickly and priced right. R.T. California

R.T. California

Such swiftness in shipping, and what a vast warehouse of goodies you have to look a good while to find, makes you want to buy all these amazing gadgets at once but I am afraid that´s to much for my Wallet. Little by little makes big.

N.W. Norway

Hello all, A few days ago, we received our very own Thought Stream Biofeedback training system from Tools for Wellness. We don’t want to sound redundant but please add our comments to your customer feedback list… we are so impressed with the product and the impeccable on-line service.

Everything works well and is user friendly.Also it is very handy, practical for home,work and travel,it is light weight and pretty to look at. Can’t wait to experience the Mind Game CD you sent us for free. You guys really ROCK.

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with quality products that are holistic. In hopes of reaching health, wealth and happiness, Cheers from Canada Eh!

P.I. Canada

What can I say beyond, this was a totally outstanding experience from the time that I entered the site until the order was delivered to my residence a few days later.

M.L. Maryland

Just good straight foward, easy, informative shopping!

V.N. Pennsylvania

Tools for wellness has been one of the best companies ive ordered from. their service, prices, products, and speed of shipping have all been far above par. i will definately continue to shop from them.

G.D. Kentucky

Tools for Wellness is a great company to do business with! The ease of purchase, delivery when promised, and customer service were excellent. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that cares about the customers. Do not hesitate to order from them!

J.E. Louisiana

Wonderful and unusual products, great research! The fastest regular shipping Ive ever encountered. The staff has been very polite and helpful! One expensive product stopped working a couple of months after I received it. They took it back without question and shipped a new one fast. Ive been ordering for a while without any problems, and plan to continue! I cant praise this complany enough!

L.H. Washington

Consistently excellent products,service and extra fast delivery. I have ordered products in the past and often recommend this fine Company to other friends. W.D. California

W.D. California

Wonderfull I am please with tool’s variety. This is the sixth purchase with tools for wellness. I am pleased & will purchase again.

Z.K. Canada

Service is excellent and Prompt…Products have always been high quality and as described. R.G. Utah

R.G. Utah

Many thanks – I have my order safe and sound – and will use your services again. A.B. Great Britain

A.B. Great Britain

I have purchased many items for my business and pleasure from Tools. They are consistantly knowedgeable, helpful, and courteous. I reccommend them to as many people as possible. I always look forward to their cataloge and working with them. S.H. Florida

S.H. Florida


Hey Yall,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order from you in perfect condition. And now for the real feedback.

Your ordering system could not have been easier, I did order online. All of the Email I sent regarding the item prior to actually purchasing it was answered in a timely and effective manor. Shipping time was incredible, even though I opted for shipping from 1-7 days I was sure supprised to answer the door a little less than two days later to find the UPS guy. The packaging was perfect and the item (the Muse #, L&S machine). was in perfect condition. Also you have THE BEST prices I could find anywhere on the Internet. I will indeed be back to do business with you, and would gladly recommend Tools for Wellness to anybody looking for the best prices on the best products. Sincerely, S.T. Arizona

Sincerely, S.T. Arizona

Very fast shipping-pleasure finding your company on the web. Will purchase from you again!!!

T.D. Indiana

The fastest service I have encountered! Great products, wrapping and packaging… I WILL buy from them again!

W.H. Nevada

The promptness of the delivery of the product that I ordered was outstanding. I thought that it would take at least two weeks but it took less than one week. Thank you for your prompt delivery

 J.B. Tennessee

I have ordered from Tools for Wellness twice now and am very pleased with both the products and the service. Thank you for being here.

A.B. Florida

Everything went very well, and the item was shipped EXTREMELY fast!

M.G. California

Their service was expedient and their products are superior! R.S. New Mexico

R.S. New Mexico

They shipped on the date that they said they would. They also let you know if your item(s) are back-ordered when they confirm your order, which a lot of places do not.

R.J. California

Another stellar buying experience! You’ve become a model of consistentcy and excellence.

D.H. New York

Nice people. Fast shipping.

T.A. Ohio

The problem I had was I ordered the wrong merchandise. I notifed Tool for Wellness. They gave me a return authorization number right away. (On the e-mail) I sent the wrong merchandise back to them and I already have the correct merchandise. Great Service.

D.M. Colorado

I was very pleased with my purchase and it did not take that long for it to arrive in the mail.

D.A. Virginia

Let the buyer beware was the caveat of the past but I think “let the buyer be informed” applies more to the products in this store. There are some items that I would never try but there are many that I would. Although I personally have had no success with the pheromone based products, many people have. I do think that everyone needs a “tingler”, however! I had a question about one of my purchases and a friendly staffer got right back to me. They actually seem to care. Plus, their standard shipping is QUITE fast. When so many companies seem to shy away from customer service, it’s nice to know that “Tools..” has time for us.

T.A. Ohio

I was really surprised when I recieved my order in Japan. It seemed alomost impossible that my order could arrive so quickly. I have over the years ordered many things from different countries and companies, and this must be a world record between ordering and recieving my shipment. Thank you for such a great service.

T.O. Japan

Fast shipment of product. There were no problems, so I had no further experience with their customer service. They have always been a pleasure to do business with.

E.S. Texas

I’m a long time customer and every step of the way the “Tools team” had delivered outstanding service and offered great value to me! Thank you and wishing you continued success!

Warm regards, D.H. New York

My order was easy to place and the shipment was received very promptly. I’m completely satisfied with the service I have received from Tools for Wellness.

J.B. Taiwan

Great, shipped things when they said they would. Everything got here on time. Missing a cd on something I ordered, promptly responded that they would ship out the missing cd. Mentioned that 2 items sold together in a package were $14 cheaper than when I bought them separately, credited me for $14. Great.

M.N. North Carolina


Hi folks. I’m flabbergasted. I live in the UK and decided it was time to get myself a ThoughtStream. The company I was going to buy from, over here, were out of stock and told me that they wouldn’t be back in for a couple of weeks. I decided to order from yourselves because I figured it wouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to send it over. When I got to your site I was pleasantly surprised by your 10% discount offer for the new year. This meant it actually worked out cheaper to buy from yourselves, even adding on the shipping – so I decided to get myself a Motivaider as well! That’s not the best bit though. The reason I am flabbergasted is that I placed the order on Friday… and it arrived on Monday!!! That’s next working day delivery to the other side of the world!!! To top it all off the ThoughtStream and Motivaider are both kickass products! I am so completely impressed.

Hurray for the internet Hurray for FedEx Double hurray for Tools For Wellness!

M.K. England


I was prepared for a long wait 2 or 3 weeks in fact , after all I live in Ireland . To say I was surprised when my order turned up 4 days later would be an understatement (Last Christmas I ordered a video from a store in England which took almost 3 months to arrive !!!) I will nt be looking anywhere else to buy these type of products in future Tools for Wellness gets my vote for a company you can order from with total confidence .

Thankyou T.G. Ireland

I was highly impressed with the speed I received my order. I ordered on Saturday last week and got my order Monday morning a few days later and I live in NEW ZEALAND!! I was expecting to wait at least a week. I’ll definitely order again sometime and tell my friends about the great service.

J.H. New Zealand

As usual, Tools For Wellness did a wonderful job with no surprises. They are dependable and carry great products.

S.M. Alabama

My Tools for wellness experience was great, I recieved my order promptly, effectively packaged, and including a catalog, which was helpful in letting me know what else they sell. The only thing that might be nice would be a short email to say that the items were shipped, what day, etc. Thanks

K.B. Arizona

I find Tools for Wellness has become almost the only online store I use for health and self-improvement type products. they carry almost everything and I found items there that have helped me more then I can say. Custom service is excellent and they answer their emails with a personal touch–in other words, a real person communicates with you!!

Y.G. Florida

I was very pleased with the merchandise as well as the delivery time. I would recommend Tools For Wellness to anyone.

M.B. Illinois

Every order I have placed in the past has arrived right on schedule. On one of my orders need to changed and with a phone call everything was taken care of with ease.

R.M. New Mexico

Their web sight was very easy to navigate and order. What a relief!

L.S. Oregon

My products arrived in only 3 days, from America to Europe. I was very very impressed and will definately be ordering from Tools for Wellness in the future. Their products are innovative and unique, some of the most unusual on the market today and all available at a single website! I am relieved and thrilled to find this site. Especially since my area of speciality lies in the “unusual” fields of radionics, sound & light. It is normally difficult to lead-source products and to make it even better, they stock Teslar Watches! Watches that protect the wearer from ELF (Electrical Low Frequencies, such as those which can cause cancers from pylons etc.). I only wish they stocked more Teslar products and books rather than just videos on tuning forks. (American videos do not work in Europe, as we use a different format) 🙁

S.S. Great Britain

Rating: Good Comments: got my order right away – no problems whatsoever!

S.V. New York

This was my first experience with Tools for Wellness and I was so pleased overall that I know I will be ordering again in the future.

G.G. Texas

Great response from Customer Service to adjust my order. Before I new it the stuff arrived, packaged well (no pun intended) for the journey. I highly recommend.

D.N. New Hampshire

It would be nice if they send merchandize ship notes and tracking numbers automatically. I had to ask for the tracking number. A.K. Washington Reply from TOOLS: We’re working on this system and hope to implement it soon. We want to ensure security.

Rating: Excellent Comments: I had a problem with my order not arriving. It was apparently due to a lost shipment. The people at Tools for Wellness contacted me immediately and resolved the issue by sending my order second day air via FedEx. They resolved it not just to, but beyond my expectations. They are a reputable, friendly business and while I was originally frustrated, I will certainly be a repeat customer. Thanks to the people at Tools for Wellness for their excellent customer service.

Grateful and satisfied, A.R. Ohio

I love all the unique products Tools for Wellness has to offer. I love the products so much, I want to open my own store in the near future.

Thank You, J.D. North Carolina

They did not have the product in stock so it took a while for me to receive the product that I ordered. L.T. Rhode Island Reply From TOOLS: Because we have such specialized and unique problems, immediate availability is not always possible. We strive to have as much in stock as possible.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Just the way I would expect plus a Palm pen and magazines….. Keep up the good work.

R.L. Canada

I recieved the item in a short timeframe, and it was just as it was pictured.

J.S. Texas

I was anxious to receive the order and when there was a delay due to the product being out of stock I felt disappointed. The estimated arrival was 8/31 but the order arrived on 8/27! Once the order arrived I was no longer disappointed about the delay. And I will probably make another order from Tools for Wellness again.

C.J. California

I just had some concerns about shipping which were not mentioned on the web stie. One was it does not mention saturday shipping. Also shipping pricing is not dipslayed until a product is selected. But overall the item I bought was received on time and the ordering was nice and simple too.

Thanks G.S. Georgia

I had a great experience with My order was shipped and received by me in a prompt manner and I am very happy with my purchase. 🙂

B.M. Michigan

Super fast service that amazed me! Thank you.

C.U. California