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Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, can assist with a variety of wellness concerns. Traditionally, light therapy has been used in the treatment of skin disorders, but in recent years, this alternative wellness program has also been used to assist with sleep disorders, mood, hair growth, improvement in circulation, pain management, and even a greater sense of well-being. At Tools for Wellness, we offer a variety of light therapy solutions, including full spectrum light therapy products and Verilux lighting therapy lamps.

Designed to help you see and feel your best, Verilux full spectrum light therapy lamps give you the chance to get the most natural light in your home, even when natural light isnt available. Not only does natural light make your home look inviting, but it also boosts your sense of well-being by exposing you to light that emulates sunlight, thus boosting your mood and improving your circadian cycle

If sleeping well is a concern for you, light therapy lamps and full spectrum light therapy boxes from Tools for Wellness can help you get back on track and feeling your best so that you can sleep soundly and feel like yourself again. Shop and save on light therapy lamps and full spectrum light therapy products from top brands like Verilux at Tools for Wellness.