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Pinhole glasses utilize a technology that’s been practiced for hundreds of years. First conceived by a scientist named Scheiner in 1573, pinhole glasses utilize a basic design of eyeglass frames with rows of tiny holes in a specific pattern on the lenses. The placement of these holes allow for your eyes to turn blurry images into focused ones.

Pinhole glasses are a natural form of vision correction that delivers the same razor sharp visual clarity without the cost, frustration, or headaches from regular eyeglasses. Pinhole glasses from Tools for Wellness are available without a prescription and without an eye exam, making them a much more affordable alternative for vision correction. As a 100% natural solution, pinhole glasses keep your vision intact, unlike eyeglasses and contact lenses, which can weaken vision over time. Additionally, pinhole glasses don’t cause headaches or eyestrain.

Pinhole glasses can be used by those who are nearsighted, far sighted, or astigmatic. They are not recommended for use while driving due to reduced peripheral vision. They can also not be used in dark places, as they need light in order to be able to work properly.

All it takes is one pair for life. Get your pair of pinhole glasses by Insta-Focus Glasses today at Tools for Wellness. We carry Insta-Focus Glasses in a variety of stylish options to suit your budget as well as your personality. It’s amazing what light can do. Try pinhole glasses today.