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Special Bulletin for anyone who has ever purchased subliminal or other self-help recordings… Imagine this… You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while another voice in the other ear speaks to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, very pleasurable, and very effective. There are no “questionable” subliminal messages on our CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul R. Scheele, skillfully guide your mind so that you get the results you want. To improve your life, sometimes all it takes is guidance to evoke your inner wisdom. Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted by Paul, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing, to give you the best CD for your investment. Paraliminal defined Paraliminal learning sessions are audio CDs. Each one presents creative new ideas to help individuals overcome internal obstacles and achieve personal and professional goals. They are unique in their application of the latest educational technologies. “Para” is the Latin prefix meaning “beyond”. “Liminal” refers to the “limen” or “threshold” of conscious awareness. The term literally means, “beyond the threshold of conscious awareness”. The term was coined, in part, to distinguish it from “subliminal” which means, “below the threshold”. In psychological literature, subliminal refers to information that cannot be consciously perceived. With the Paraliminal learning sessions, the listener can hear separate messages coming into each ear, but it is beyond the conscious mind’s ability to process both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. The result is an interesting multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain. The listener can choose which ear’s information to attend to, and one’s attention tends to switch from time to time. Consequently, the conscious mind’s experience of the CD is different with each listening session. Yet, the other-than-conscious [referred to as “paraconscious” by Lozanov (1978)] receives the entire message each time. Special “Holosync” audio tones are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning. State-of-the-art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your head. Truly, nothing else gets results like a Paraliminal CD. Customers say that these are the best recordings they have ever heard. “Paraliminal” is not “subliminal” Many of our customers had been using subliminal and relaxation tapes without getting benefits they had been promised. They asked to develop recordings using the advanced human performance technologies that have made our seminars so popular and effective. “Subliminal” recordings hide positive statements or affirmations in music or environment sounds. The theory is that if you listen to subliminals for 30 to 60 days you will become whatever the messages say. But, 1) most people cannot listen to subliminals as often as directed; 2) the messages may have nothing to do with your state of being; 3) the National Research Council says there is no proof that the brain can act on such messages; and 4) the messages—if they can get into the brain—may even be harmful. One publisher has the message “if you don’t quit smoking, you will get cancer.” This is horrible because it is actually a command to “get cancer.” Another has a message for a child’s self-esteem, “I do things to please others”—this can lead to dysfunctional behaviors that harm the child. You may be pleased to know that there are no subliminal messages on Paraliminal recordings. Paul R. Scheele introduces each Paraliminal CD with the purpose or programming parameters for the listening session. Then, Paul skillfully guides you to a state of relaxed alertness while original music plays in the background. When you are relaxed, music fades and Paul’s voice transforms into multiple voices. The left voice generally weaves metaphors for the creative right brain, and the right voice generally leads you through logical change processes for the analytical left brain. The multiple voices soothe and relax. Do not try to listen to the voices—just enjoy the flow and rhythm. To finish, Paul’s voices become one and music returns as he guides you back to full alertness. Because of the power of the Paraliminal process, you do not have to listen to Paraliminals nonstop to get results. Follow the guidelines presented in the instructions. The Secret to choosing Paraliminal CDs for your own use There is probably no easier or more enjoyable way to make changes in your life than with the Paraliminal CDs. The effects can be dramatic or they can be subtle. Whichever the case, these powerful tools can help make your life much better. Which titles should be in your self-improvement library? Ideally, get them all, because they are invaluable when life’s crises arise. If you cannot afford all of the CDs you want right now, get the ones you feel would benefit you most. Follow your intuition. Choose the CDs that draw you. You are bound to receive more benefit from CDs that catch your intrigue than you are from CDs you should be listening to. Many customers recommend beginning with four or five CDs, because it will be easier to see results right away. As you experience results, order additional CDs to build your library. You never know when a CD will come in handy. All of the Paraliminal CDs complement each other, and they all work well together. Just as there are many ways to get to Chicago, there are many ways to accomplish your goals using the Paraliminals. Paraliminal recordings can help you make peaceful changes so that you are happy and satisfied. If you do not do something, no one else will do it for you. If you want to change, you have to do it yourself. Even outrageously successful people use Paraliminal CDs, because they realize they can always improve. Paul Scheele has skillfully crafted these tools using his unique expertise to assure you receive the results easily and as effortlessly as possible. Paraliminal CDs can help you create a life in which you always look forward to waking each morning. How to listen to Paraliminal CDs Unlike subliminal recordings, you do not have to listen to Paraliminals repeatedly. Each CD comes with instructions as well as a special booklet with tips. Paraliminal sessions average twenty minutes so you do not have to spend a lot of time to make the changes you desire. To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones. More about Paul Scheele As an award-winning published speaker, Paul Scheele addresses corporation and conventions and is a frequent guest speaker at international educational conferences. Paul’s presentations confront human development challenges with practical advice and transferable skills. Paul weaves his unique expertise in neuro-linguistic programming, accelerative learning, and preconscious processing to develop and present leading edge, provocative programs. His mission is “helping people discover and use their full potential.” Frequently Asked Questions Holosync Audio Technology Holosync audio tones, which you might hear as a hum, have been embedded in the recordings of the 22 individual Paraliminal CDs to increase your ability to benefit and learn from these Paraliminal sessions. Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosync audio technology, when listened to with stereo headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability. Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems. Holosync on the Paraliminals are Alpha and Theta level entrainments that do not directly correspond to “levels” of the Centerpointe Research Institute program. Paraliminals that are part of other personal learning courses are not embedded with Holosync. Listening to Paraliminal sessions Unlike subliminals, you do not have to listen to Paraliminal learning sessions repeatedly. Each comes with instructions. Some programs will require multiple listenings over a week or two, and others will just require one listening. They average 20 minutes, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to make changes you desire. You can listen to multiple sessions each day. Give yourself at least a 20-minute break between sessions. To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones. Do not listen to Paraliminals while driving. Selecting programs that are right for you Follow your intuition. Order CDs that attract you. Customers say that 4 or 5 CDs is the best selection to begin with, because it makes it easier to see results right away. As you experience results, order additional CDs to build your self-improvement library—you never know when a CD will come in handy. That is why we created The Ultimate You Library. You can order all of the Paraliminals up front and save. The CDs average 20 minutes in length. Spend only a little time with them to make the changes you desire. Each CD comes with a 20-page booklet. To get the full effect, use stereo headphones. Do not listen to Paraliminals when driving. Using Paraliminals with other programs Paraliminal learning sessions complement most other audio/video programs available and can be used with other programs to enhance results. Children Paraliminal learning sessions are designed for people ages 13 and above.

  • While we generally recommend listening to Paraliminal sessions with stereo headphones, children may prefer listening through speakers. Headphones are a safety concern for younger children. Light & Sound Machines Owners of Sound & Light machines report enhanced benefits when using Paraliminal learning sessions. Select a “learning” program of a length similar to the Paraliminal learning session. If you use the Paraliminal CDs enhanced with Holosync audio technology, do not use the “sound” feature of your Sound & Light machine. Hearing problems Listeners who have problems with hearing can still receive benefit from Paraliminal learning sessions, even if you have hearing in only one ear. Learn more about Paraliminals and read research information