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Unlike common TENS devices that merely block pain signals, the ReBuilder does the opposite, The ReBuilder opens up the nerve paths and re-educates them so that normal signals can finally get through.

Made in the USA. Fully registered with the FDA



Note:   It is dangerous to use a common TENS or EMS device to treat neuropathy as it can overload the nerves causing permanent damage. The ReBuilder is processor controlled and has real-time biofeedback functions built in that read the patient’s electrical parameters and makes constant adjustments to match the patient’s immediate nerve function. Millions of people experience leg problems as a result of sciatica, neuritis, sore feet and legs, lower back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral artery issues, burning and shooting pains.


What is the ReBuilder?

The ReBuilder™ is a simple to operate, 9-volt battery powered device that fits in your hand and sends tiny electrical signals to your nerves and muscles. These signal are an exact copy of normal nerve signals but larger so they can wake up sleeping nerves and strengthen muscles. These signals travel from one foot, up the leg, across the lower back and then back down the opposite leg to the other foot. Then it reverses its direction and returns to the original foot. This back and forth action effectively treats all the nerves of both legs and feet. At the same time, the ReBuilder stimulates the muscles of the calves to contract and relax as if you were walking briskly in your neighborhood to increase muscle tone and increase blood circulation. Your Rebuilder stimulates the brain to release endorphins (pain relievers made by your own body with no side effects). These natural pain and anxiety relievers travel via the blood and can relieve pain all over the body such as arthritic pain and muscle soreness. Unlike common TENS devices that merely block pain signals, the ReBuilder does the opposite: the ReBuilder opens up the nerve paths and re-educates them so that normal signals can finally get through.

ReBuilder 2407

What Exactly, is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is defined as a disease (pathos) of the nerves (neuro). Many symptoms are grouped together in the catch-all diagnosis of neuropathy. Whether it is called idiopathic neuropathy (which means we don’t know the cause) or diabetic peripheral neuropathy (associated with diabetes), or poly neuropathy (which means “in many places”), they all have a common cause. The nerves have gone to sleep because they have been temporarily deprived of oxygen. Learn more about neuropathy

How Does It Work?

The ReBuilder sends its healing signals to your feet, hands or back. Small conductive rubber signal pads are placed on your skin. Then, you simply sit back and relax for your treatment. This excellent device uses a tiny electrical signal to wake up nerves that are temporarily dormant or asleep. These signals mimic your natural nerve signals, but are stronger. This signal travels from one foot, up the leg, across the synaptic junctions and nerve roots in your lower back and down to the other foot. Then it reverses polarity and travels back to the original foot. This back and forth action effectively treats all the nerves of both legs and feet. At the same time, your calf muscles and contracting and relaxing, as they would naturally during exercise like walking. An additional benefit results from the brain releasing endorphins, strong pain relievers that travel in the bloodstream to all parts of the body. These natural pain relievers are known to relieve depression and physical pain without any negative side effects. The Rebuilder opens up the nerve paths, re-educating them to transmit normal nerve signals to the brain. The resulting increased blood flow results in a therapeutic healing process, not a temporary fix.

Features 300 Unit 2407 Unit
Retail Price $799 $1,099
For Pain Relief Check Check
To Increase Circulation in Extremities Check Check
To Strengthen Weakened Muscles Check Check
5 Year Warranty Check Check
9v Battery Powered Check Check
7.83 Hz Setting (Treats Nerves & Muscles) Check Check
Separate TENS Setting (Pain Only) Check
Separate EMS Setting (Muscle Strength & Increased Blood Flow) Check
For Advanced Cases Check
Dual Outputs (Treats 2 Areas at Once – Feet & Hands) Check
Wall Adapter to Bypass Battery Check
33% More Power Check
Large Dials (Easier with Arthritic Fingers) Check
Small Enough to Fit In a Pocket Check


ReBuilder Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it be before I get results?

As with any treatment, results vary from individual to individual. We have clients who report immediate results and, again, there are some who have reported positive results after as much as five to seven months. Response to treatment is governed by many factors, such as whether or not the individual is dealing with multiple medical conditions in addition to numbers of and classes of prescription drugs they may be taking. It has been our experience, however, that individuals who are persistent in following their treatment regimen will ultimately gain an improvement in their condition.

  • What is the 7.83 Hz signal?

The 7.83 Hz signal, a twin electrical signal – one to stimulate the nerve cells and the other to trigger muscle cells simultaneously – is pulsed on and off at the frequency of 7.83 cycles per second. We have found that the body is particularly sensitive to this frequency. One postulation for this sensitivity is that the electrical potential between the earth’s atmosphere and the earth’s surface is also 7.83 Hz. We have found that the body responds favorably to this setting. The 7.83 Hz setting may also promote a generalized sense of well-being, reduce pain levels elsewhere in the body, and lessen emotional pain as well. This ensures a very high level of user compliance not only because the user feels good physically during the massage-like treatment period but because he/she feels better emotionally afterward with a reduction in global pain for a period of 4 to 6 hours.

  • Do I have to use it everyday indefinitely?

No. Once improvement has been attained, the frequency of use can gradually be reduced. Some clients have been able to sustain their improvement by using the ReBuilder only twice per week. Maintenance will vary by individual.

  • Are there side effects?

There are no negative side effects when using the ReBuilder according to the directions. However, we have had reports of sore or cramping calf muscles resulting from using it at too high a setting for a sustained period, much like exercising too much too quickly. We recommend using the ReBuilder initially at a low setting thereby allowing the feet and legs time to adjust to the stimulation. On a rare occasion, an individual may experience headache or nausea. This infrequent reaction can happen as a result of an adrenalin rush for users who harbor a latent fear of electricity as a whole. That subconscious fear can produce adrenalin that, in turn, produces temporary headaches or nausea. There are, however, positive side effects from using the unit. As a result of nerve stimulation, the brain releases endorphins which help relax muscles and reduce pain in other parts of the body. The ReBuilder also helps to increase mobility by building muscle mass, improving leg strength, and promoting better balance. In addition, many clients also report experiencing a better night’s rest and a reduction in the need for pain medication.

  • Can anyone use it?

Use of the ReBuilder is contraindicated for individuals with pacemakers or any other implanted electrical medical devices, for pregnant women, and for children under the age of eight. If any of the above situations apply, consult with a physician before using. We do not recommend placing the electrodes directly over an open wound or near a recent surgical site.

  • Can I use it with medications?

Yes, medication can be used; however, many users report that as they use the ReBuilder, they are actually able to reduce the amount of medication they take and, some are able to get off pain medication all together. (Do not attempt to adjust or omit your medication without consulting your physician.)

  • Is one side stronger than the other?

Though not true for all users, some individuals will experience a stronger pulse in one electrode than the other. When this is the case, we recommend switching electrodes half way through the session in order to gain maximum benefit from the treatment.


What’s Included:

  • Protective Carrying Case
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • The ReBuilder® 300 Electronic Stimulator
  • 2 Sets of Adhesive Electrodes
  • 1 Lead Wire
  • Instructions for Use


  • Model 2407 Includes:
    • ReBuilder 2407 Unit with 9V Battery
    • AC Adapter
    • 2 Lead Wires
    • 2 Sets of Adhesive Electrodes
    • Carry Case
    • Complete Instructions
    • 5 year warranty


Accessories Available include the following but sold separately:  

    •  Leadwire with Non-Adhesive Pads
    •  ReBuilder Conductive Socks
    •  ReBuilder Conductive Gloves
    •  ReBuilder FootPads
    •  Gallon Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer
    • 2 x 8.5oz Electrolyte Spray Bottles
    • Additional Adhesive Pads
    • Individual Alcohol Wipe Prep Pads



THE REBUILDER PRODUCTS NOW REQUIRE A PRESCRIPTION TO ORDER. PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE AS YOU NORMALLY WOULD AND WE’LL CONTACT YOU FOR RECEIPT OF THE PRESCRIPTION. FDA NOTES THE REBUILDER device stands out as a neuromuscular stimulator that is more sophisticated and specialized than OVER THE COUNTER devices and therefore now requires a prescription to purchase.

PRESCRIPTIONS CAN BE BE GIVEN BY General Practitioner, Internist, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, or PA.


FOR INSURANCE CLAIMS: The ReBuilder model 300 is billed under E0720 and the model 2407 is billed under E0730. (Category is under TENS Devices)


Rebuilder Technical Specs Electrically isolated output.

This is a safety feature so that if an accidental short occurs due to dropping etc. within the unit, it cannot reach the patient.

Pulse duration: 240 microseconds positive / 1.458 microseconds negative

Pulse waveform: Asymmetrical, biphasic, with very short positive spike for nerve stimulation and negative, broad peak of longer duration for muscle stimulation. This is a patent pending feature. This waveform exactly duplicates the waveform of a healthy nerve signal much the same as a pacemaker imitates a healthy cardiac signal.

Pulse repetition rate: 7.8 Hz Peak charge per pulse: 7.23 microColumbs @ 500 ohm load

Pulse amplitude: 0 to 40 volts @ 500 ohm load, continuously variable

Peak pulse current: 0 to 80 ma @ 500 omh

Power source: 9 V alkaline battery (supplied) Intended mode of action: The 7.8 Hz setting is designed to control pain by stimulating the large afferent nerves. By utilizing the conductive garments, the entire skin area of the foot is treated which distributes the signal and ensures a suitable comfort level. Also available are conductive gloves for the hands and conductive tubes for the knees and elbows. There are other DC components in the signal that re-set the set points of the nerves, and when used with the conductive garments, induces a nerve signal by the nerves themselves that adds to the effectiveness.

Weight: 8 oz. (with battery)

Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x 3 3/4″ x 1″

Made in the USA. Fully registered with the FDA

Item ships via Standard Delivery. Due to health reasons, this is a non-returnable item. If you have a pacemaker, implantable devices, are pregnant, are suffering from thrombophelebitis (blood clot), check with your medical provider before use. Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


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