Spiral Dynamics Integral: From Awareness to Action – The Underlying Meaning of Human Behavior Is Coded into the Spiral 6 CD Set


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From Awareness to Action – the Underlying Meaning of Human Behavior Is Coded into the Spiral Fron the boardrooms of big business to the streets of the inner city, from the south side of Chicago to apartheid South Africa, Dr. Don Beck has taught people at all levels how to stop clashing and start communicating. His method is called Spiral Dynamics Integral—a revolutionary new way of perceiving human nature that lets us understand, predict, and resolve even the most difficult conflicts. In his effort to “map the genome” of the mind, Dr. Beck has created a tool he calls the Spiral, which charts the underlying reasons for virtually everything that human beings think, believe, and do. “Breaking down the ‘complexity codes’ that lie at the heart of a problem,” he explains, “is the first step toward coming up with a real, lasting solution.” A New Way of Seeing Challenges and Creating Solutions Do you know someone whose values seem completely different from yours? Have you struggled to reach that person, yet can’t seem to get your message across? In his research, Dr. Beck has encountered countless situations where conflict arises from an inability of humands to communicate – a phenomenon we have all experienced. With Spiral Dynamics Integral you will learnd how to build a new framework that will bring into clarity why people make decisions in different ways, how different opinions and values arise, and how change happpens. More than just a “personality typing” system, Spiral Dynamics Integral teaches you to use the science of memetics to explore the core intelligences and deep values (known as “Memes”) that flow beneath all human activity. With the Spiral as your lens, you will discover a remarkable ability to see past the surface tensions of any given problem and look to the core of an issue, where the problem can be solved. Dispelling the Myth of the Impassable Divide For over three decades, Don Beck has used the Spiral Dynamics system in the toughest crucibles of the real world to achieve positive, lasting change for governments, businesses, and individual people in need. Now with Spiral Dynamics Integral, he presents you with the keys to understanding the forces that drive human evolution, so you can begin using this powerful system for yourself – at work, at home, or in your own personal transformation. Highlights from “Spiral Dynamics Integral”

  • What is “good leadership”? To find the answer, ask the right question.
  • Vital Signs – how to be sure you monitor the right information to make the key decisions
  • Meet Dr. Clare W. Graves, the researcher who paved the way for Spiral Dynamics with his search for a “master code” of human psychology.
  • From Beige to Turquoise – the color codes of the Spiral, and what each of them represent
  • Micro applications; bringing Spiral Dynamics to small groups, interpersonal relationships, and your own personal growth
  • Meso applications: using the Spiral to solve problems in large groups such as businesses, communities, and local governments
  • Macro applications: seeing international and global problems through and entirely new lens to envision solutions on a grand scale
  • Memes and v Memes – the core factors that explain where our beliefs and decisions come from
  • How using the Spiral can keep your well-intentioned efforts from backfiring
  • The Eight Dimensions of Change: learn how much change – and what kind – is needed to solve your problem What’s Included
  • Six CDs with 7 1/4 hours of instruction and insight from the creator of Spiral Dynamics, Dr. Don Beck What Others are Saying “Spiral Dynamics Integral is one of the first integral psychologies now available, and as presented by Don Beck, I give it my highest recommendation. It has profound implications for business, politics, education, and medicine, and it will give you the tools to begin applying these revolutionary ideas in your own field immediately. – Ken Wilber – author-philosopher and president, Integral Institute About the Author Don Beck, Ph.D. co-founded the National Values Institute and is CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc. He has used Spiral Dynamics for over thirty years to find solutions to real problems, including over sixty visits to South Africa between 1981 to 1988 to inspire solutions for a peaceful transition from apartheid. He is co-author with Christopher Cowen of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change. Six CDs with 7 1/4 hours of instruction. Published 2006.
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