Qigong Meditation: Embryonic Breathing Book


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In this book about meditation, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming explores the statement “Pay attention to your breath,” as he instructs embryonic breathing, the missing key to modern meditation. These Qigong breathing techniques and Qi energy circulation practices are an essential part of sitting meditation, as it was taught in ancient times. This important information was passed down by Buddha, and by subsequent masters over the centuries, but has nearly been lost due to language barriers and the difficulty of understanding the deeper aspects of the training.

The main section of this book contains translations of most of the available ancient documents on this training, with Dr. Yang’s commentary and insight from his persona experiences. His mission is to gain a modern scientific understanding of the human body, mind and spirit as well as the whole universe around us. Over the past few years, as the word “enlightenment” is used so casually … it becomes important that we seek the roots of this practice … especially now that mind-expansion, relaxation therapy and meditation have entered the mainstream.

Softcover, 389 pages. Published December, 2003.


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