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The Qlink Story :

The Q-Link emerges from a new paradigm in science. Our founders came of age as scientists attempted to model the strange world of the quantum universe, which contains observations that defy common sense such as probability clouds and the virtual emptiness of all matter. Some of these insights from quantum physics led to a deeper understanding of the biofield and subtle energies, which mirrored teachings from Chinese medicine and Eastern disciplines. These insights proved foundational for the Q-Link, one of the only applications to harness these emerging sciences for consumer use. The Q-Link’s founders began their work that led to the Q-Link in the 1980s by creating ways to store information and emit fields through integrating subtle energy dynamics with modern electronics. Early prototypes, they discovered, could affect the rate of growth in plants, improve water, and even enhance audio systems. Further experiments confirmed positive effects on chemical systems. They then reasoned that the technology surely would affect the most complicated bio-chemical system of all – a human being. Their journey led to scientists like Professor William Tiller, a world expert and material scientist at Stanford University, who took prototypes and created double-blind studies of his own. The results were very promising.

In 1991, Clarus was born as a company, designed to translate the early prototypes of Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ into a powerful family of consumer products, led by the Q-Link. What takes strokes off golf games, gives athletes a competitive advantage, and relieves stress from EMF (electromagnetic fields)? According to the people who wear them, it’s the QLink Pendants from Clarus with Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). They also report that these personal life-enhancing products help them be more energized, focused and balanced. Both alternative and traditional doctors have tested the Clarus QLink Pendants and report that they neutralize the EMF stress effects from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. Athletes say that the QLink Pendants keeps them in that centered state called “The Zone”. Runners say wearing a QLink Pendant increases their endurance and gives them a competitive edge. As the complexity and stresses of modern life increase, the QLink Pendants are fast becoming the product of choice for those people who value performance and optimal well-being. All you have to do to experience these benefits is to wear one.


The QLink Pendant does 3 important things:

1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.

2. It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance, especially under pressure.

3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. (EMF is the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications).

As the complexity and pressures of our fast-paced, electronic world increase, the QLink Pendant is the product of choice for those people who value optimal performance and well-being. Experience the difference the QLink Pendant makes. Simply wear it every day.



  • Protects from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation
  • Enhances mental clarity and awareness
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Balances emotions
  • Deepens restful sleep
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Strengthens the biofield and helps to increase your resilience to electromagnetic pollution


What’s Inside the Q-Link?

  • Induction Coil: 75 ft. of insulated superfine pure copper wire in a 25mm diameter coil amplifies the effect of the resonating cell
  • Resonating Cell: The multi-frequencey pure crystalline oscillator (enhanced with Sympathetic Resonance Technology SRT-3) works like a series of tuning forks to sympathetically resonate with, and reinforce, the key frequencies of the human energy system (biofield).
  • Assembled Q-Link: The induction Coil and Resonating Cell assembled are permanently sealed inside a rugged, highly durable, waterproof case.

Learn more about the Qlink, SRT Technology, and get your Frequently Asked Questions answered.


Do They Really Work?

Read an independent study conducted by Alternative Medicine magazine. Sympathetic Resonance Technology™: Scientific Foundation and Summary of Biologic and Clinical Studies [November 2002] Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ is a novel technology used in consumer health care products to protect humans from the potentially harmful effects of stress. A summary of the previously unpublished studies on SRT, both basic and clinical, is presented. These studies collectively show that SRT mitigates the stress response for a variety of stressors such as chemical and electromagnetic stress in various biologic systems and multiple levels of organization, ranging from the molecular to the behavioral. A rudimentary model of how SRT may work at the level of the biofield, the endogenous electromagnetic field of the organism, is proposed. By interacting with key component frequencies in the biofield, SRT may stabilize the organism homeodynamically, thereby protecting it from the effects of stressful stimuli.

SRT™ and the effects of EMF on Human Brain Cells [September 2002]

This pilot study suggests that the addition of the Q-Link® to active Mobile Phone-exposure does affect neural function in humans, altering both resting EEG patterns and the evoked neural response to auditory stimuli, and that there is a tendency for some Mobile Phone-related changes to the EEG to be attenuated by the Q-Link® The Effects of SRT™ on Six Different Types of Water [June 2006] The effects of SRT™ on water were measured. The subtle energetics, pH, and ORP of water, with and without SRT™ processing, were measured for six different types of water, five of which are commercial bottled waters, and one of which was prepared in Dr. Beverly Rubik’s Laboratory using special processing. The results show some consistent changes due to SRT™, including more photon emission from the waters, and improved antioxidant properties. In brief, it is shown that SRT™ adds subtle energy/information to the water and lowers the ORP, which helps reduce oxidative stress.


Using Your Qlink:

The Q-Link pendant should hang around your neck at the center of your chest . It doesn’t matter whether you wear it inside or outside a shirt or blouse. We have found that you and your Q-Link begin to create a linked energy system over time – a sympathetic resonance effect, to use the technical term. This effect reinforces and enhances specific life-supporting energies in your biofield. With a Q-Link, the recharging of your biofield is happening whenever you wear it. So it’s to your advantage to wear it all the time, even when you sleep. It is especially valuable when you are exposed to strong Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), such as in front of a computer monitor, while on a cell phone, or if you live near high-voltage power lines. The more you wear it, the better the results. Maintenance on your Q-Link is easy. There are no batteries and no parts that wear out. No hassle and no noise. You can swim with it and shower with it. About the only maintenance required for your Q-Link is to clean it using a damp cloth. The components inside the Q-Link have been engineered to create optimal resonance effects indefinitely.

“While wearing the Q-Link, players were nearly five times more likely to immediately reach an optimal range, and this was demonstrated throughout the body. Q-Link technology is a powerful tool for anyone interested in optimal health and wellness, and will support, promote and benefit peak performance in sports.” -David C. Rupley, Jr., MD


What Users Are Saying:

“I have been aware of my sensitivity to EMFs, stress, and the negative energies of others for some time. I work at a computer three days a week, 6 1/2 hours per day and travel through a lengthy strip of High Power lines on my way to and from work. I had become aware of feeling very tired, “drained and draggy” upon leaving work and on into the evening. After learning about the Q-Link and how it worked I decided to give it a try, although I admit to being somewhat skeptical. By the end of the second day wearing the original QLink I noticed a subtle difference in my energy level upon leaving work. However, on the third day the shift was dramatic, almost as if being “jump-started”! I was amazed. I had more energy at the end of the day and this carried on into the evening. I felt a lightness about me. There was more mental and emotional clarity,and I experienced a definite reduction in my stress level. After wearing the original Q-Link for two weeks I decided to experiment by going without it for two weeks. During the two week experiment there wasn’t an immediate “crash”, but rather an accumulative “running down”. By the end of the two weeks I was eager to put the Q-Link back on. When I did, within two or three days I noticed my energy level increasing and my sensitivity to stress and negativity being reduced. I repeated this experiment twice more over several months and the results were similar each time. After wearing the original Q-Link for a number of months I purchased the new generation SRT-3 Q-Link pendant. This time I didn’t experience the dramatic “jump-start” of the first one. However, as the SRT technology is a resonating frequency technology, I believe my personal frequency had already come into harmony with the original Q-Link and thus the initial effects of the SRT-3 were less obvious. After about one week of wearing the new model I became aware of a deeper, more solid, constant sense of balance, well being, and energy. The SRT-3 is the one I wear daily now. I am rarely with out it, if not wearing it as a pendant I have it tucked in my clothing somewhere. I appreciate the EMF protection and bio-support this technology provides. I recommend the Q-Links highly!” S.K. California


New, sleek and fashionable dual-tone design featuring a beveled-edge 1 ½” triangle with two distinct sides, each making an individual statement. Can be worn by men and women. Wear it just like pendant jewelry, inside or outside a shirt or blouse. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Neville Brody and powered by our next-generation SRT 3 ,the result is leading-edge attitude and super-charged power. Stainless Steel 316L Medical Grade. Includes variable length black lanyard. Stainless Steel chain in picture not included but is available separately.



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