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Did you know that all of your electronic devices can come with a risk? Cell phones, music players, computers, power grids, gaming consoles, and body worn electronics produce something called an electromagnetic field (EMF). While the full effects of EMF exposure are unknown, many scientists and researchers are cautioning us to be more careful about the EMFs we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. On an individual level, that can be easy when you limit your use of body worn electronics, cell phones, or music players. But you also use the power of a Q-Link Clear Mini Cell Phone Diode to reduce your exposure and activate your body’s natural defense systems, even when you can’t avoid electro-smog.

The Q-Link Mini Cell Phone Diode reinforces your body’s human biofield, or energy levels, so that they are more likely to respond to stress caused by EMF exposure. This lightweight, easy-to-use EMF diode attaches on to headsets, cell phones, and other body worn electronics so that you get the protection you need.







The Q-Link Clear Mini Cell Phone Diode features

  • Less than 1/2″ diameter and only .07″ depth
  • Weight of less than .03 ounces
    What makes the Q-Link Mini EMF Diode work? Well, if you take a look inside, you’ll find a multi-frequency pure crystalline oscillator (enhanced with Sympathetic Resonance Technology SRT-3), which works like a series of tuning forks to sympathetically resonate with and reinforce key frequencies of the human energy system. You’ll also find an induction coil made from 75 ft. of insulated superfine pure copper wire in a 25 mm diameter coil to amplify the effect of the resonating cell. On the outside, a rugged, durable, and waterproof case that keeps the induction coil and resonating cell safe and sound.

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