Georesonators for EMF Protection (4/pack)



Clear dangerous electromagnetic fields where you live, work and play.

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Clear dangerous electromagnetic fields where you live, work and play. When placed in the ground, GeoResonators neutralize EMF radiation pollution, restore balance to areas of geopathic stress, and support healthy biological processes in and above the land. Each 2 x 2″ patch is encoded with the polarizing patterns of very senior subtle energies that specifically address imbalanced energies in the earth, surrounding space and provide superior EMF protection. When planted in a matrix of 4, they resonate & interact with each other

  • Clears computer stations and laptops from harmful EMF’s
  • Transforms EMFs in work areas with electrical appliances
  • Neutralizes the interiors of cars and other passenger vehicles
  • Clears sleeping areas
  • Provides protection on planes
  • Clean energy enhances productivity, concentration and well being

  • Helps prevent EMF energy drain during work hours and commutes
  • Found to have a strengthening and calming effect on all life systems within the treated area.
  • Each GeoResonator is imprinted with a range of harmonizing and resonant patterns that positively influence the underground environment, including:
  • Full color spectrum that supports life processes
  • Energy imprints of 64 minerals corresponding to the 64 resonant minerals in the earth
  • Geomagnetic earth pattern to balance soil & land
  • Patterns to support atmospheric balance and geopathic stress protection


“We put four georesonators on the four corners of our yard we were thinking about our kids, who spend all day out there…we saw this as extra protection, because we live in a pretty built up area. We noticed three things over the summer: more kids would come play here than ever before (we were suddenly the fun yard!) Our flower garden produced twice the blooms. We don’t like using chemical fertilizers, and I swear, I thought somebody had put some in without my knowing until we realized it was probably your device. I have been telling everybody about this product. Thank you!” Corrine, Idaho


How they protect you from geopathic stress zones:

GeoResonators are designed to influence and interact with all types of energy fields found in the earth and soil. Each GeoResonator is encoded with a comprehensive program of transformative subtle energies that resonate with the elements of the earth and atmosphere. When planted in the earth a profound balancing and healing effect occurs in the soil, plants, trees and waterways. Because they resonate with each other setting up a matrix of 4 is suggested. Once planted everything within the matrix is positively affected and potentially transformed. Toxic vibrations in the earth are transmuted and the natural life force is restored.

They are particularly effective in clearing Geopathic stress zones and toxic electromagnetic waves from ground current. Once the area is energy balanced, the transformed earth energy imprints into conductive materials such as metal, concrete and brick structures in and above the ground. More GeoResonators can be planted beyond the original matrix to extend the effect out over larger geographic areas.

Single GeoResonators can also be used on sick plants, trees, or in gardens. Planting them in small waterways, brooks and ponds is also suggested.


Plant them around your home your neighborhood and specific toxic areas to transform and balance your environment











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