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Learn How Sound Therapy Works on Your Brain Sound and music have been used for thousands of years to alter human states of consciousness. Drums and chanting have been used all over the world in rituals and ceremonies, to heal, and to induce trance states. In modern times, the use of sound has developed into a sophisticated technology and is used to change brainwave states, to heighten focus and concentration, to hasten relaxation, to induce meditation, and to assist with healing. Tools For Wellness took a critical look at how sound and music alters consciousness, and identified the techniques that were the most effective. Advanced sound engineering was then used to mix these different elements in synergistic ways to produce maximum results, quickly. Each sound track in this program contains a different blend of music: relaxing sounds, primordial, 3-D effects, brainwave-altering pitches, energizing tones, and pulsed healing sounds. What you hear is the music mixed with nature, primordial rhythms, and 3-D sounds. The neuroacoustic technology is embedded in this musical matrix at an inaudible level. This novel approach of synergistically combining these different elements means that you get all sorts of different sounds working together to bring you the results you want, faster. Here are the different techniques used. New Age music is used to set the stage of your experience (one track uses Gregorian chants). Primordial rhythms, such as drums are used on certain tracks for their trance-enhancing impact. Two different sounds of nature are used on each track to evoke an emotional response. Tropical birds are uplifting and make you feel good, rain is soothing and comforting, ocean waves are both stimulating and calming, and the sound of thunder generates a cautious excitement. 3-D sound technology is added which gives the sound more dimension bringing you deeper into the experience. Window frequencies are included which have a deep “biological” effect, and are used to promote physical healing. An example of this is the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hertz), which is very meditative and balances your body’s rhythms. Another window frequency, prevalent in this program, is 0.5 Hertz; this is deeply relaxing and quickly clears your mind of troubling thoughts. A very ingenious sound frequency technology discovered by a Frenchman, Dr. Alfred Tomatis (recognized as the father of modern neuroacoustics), is also embedded under the music of these CDs. High and low pitch frequencies alternate back and forth, exercising the inner ear, or tympanic membrane. This ear exercise results in the ear being re-sensitized to hearing high frequencies, which has a very energizing effect and helps with mental focus. Finally, binaural beat frequencies are used to put your brainwaves into a very specific frequency changing your state of mind. Beta frequencies (13 Hertz) are used for alertness, alpha (8 – 12 Hertz) for memory and light relaxation, theta (5 – 7 Hertz) for creativity and visualization, and delta (0.5 – 1 Hertz) for mental clearing and deep rest. “Five Directions” is the culmination of years of involvement in the alternative healthcare field by Tools For Wellness. As a result of this experience reviewing many products in the realm of sound technology, we think that you will find this program a very straightforward and effective tool to take command and control of your brainwaves.

  • 2 CDs
  • 5 Tracks
  • 2 ½ Hours Track I: Up – Maximum Productivity (for maximum mental concentration and productivity) Track II: On – Maximum Energy (for maximum physical energy and efficiency) Track III: Down – Deep Relaxation (for deep relaxation and sleep) Track IV: Now – Centering and Aliveness (for meditative clarity, centering and aliveness) Track V: Forever – Inspiration and Consciousness Expansion (for inspiration and consciousness expansion) How To Get Your Best Results This program (2 ½ hours long) was specially developed by experts in audio technologies, based on the findings of a rigorous study done on the effects of different sound technologies. What makes these CDs “one-of-a-kind,” is that each track contains a different combination of music, nature sounds, and neuroacoustic technologies to put you in a state that you have chosen. To use a CD, just pick the track that best suits what you want to accomplish. For the best results, listen sitting upright, or reclined in a chair. Headphones are suggested; high quality headphones reproduce the frequency range and sound harmonics of these CDs, which will give you the absolute best results. Adjust the volume as loud as possible without being uncomfortable. Start to breathe deeply and evenly. People frequently report feeling a lasting euphoria, when listening to these CDs, a heightened sense of mental clarity, experiencing a peaceful state of mind, and even a sense of “timelessness.” 2 CDs: Total Time 2 ½ hours. Headphones are suggested but not required.
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