DNA Activation Level One CD Series


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ACTIVATE YOUR DNA WITH SHAPESHIFTER MULTIDIMENSIONAL MUSIC & SOUND. Modulating the lifewave of the body electric with the intent to activate the dormant potential coded within, sonic keys unlock and reintegrate the multi-strand DNA — self-healing, rejuvenation, awakening psychic/intuitive gifts, increase manifestation, initiate abundance on all levels and discover empowered co-creation as conscious evolution unfolds. From the deepest space within, waveforms of a higher implicate order resonate the codes within the DNA, unfolding the magic and wonder of all that you truly are. This set is a powerful channeling of original soundscapes created with the intent to activate the codes within the DNA, the bridge between the multiple dimensions of matter and the Divine. Travel on cyber-shamanic journeys into the many faceted realms of Light and Awareness. Each CD is a 50 minute journey shapeshifting through the infinite probable realities of your being, awakening and activating your unfolding potential. Many space music elements take you through inner and outer landscapes for deep consciousness explorations into the very heart and soul of All That Is. The soundscapes of this series are very multidimensional, shifting and changing each time you listen. Utilized with conscious intent, they are profoundly powerful tools to prepare you for the next wave in evolution now manifesting on the planet. Start with DNA #1 and move through all four in sequential order as you begin your explorations. Listen to each one, initially, at least 7 times before moving on to the next. You can listen for many years and they will release new sonic codes as you expand your LIght. Play during medtiation time, background music, driving, sleeping and working. Headphones are not necessary. Learn more about DNA Activation. (Adobe Reader required) Companion Guide included! This booklet contains more extensive information regarding their approach to DNA Activation through music/sound as well as answers to many frequently asked questions regarding this topic. Some of the common effects and benefits are listed along with some testimonials from other explorers. There are many different listening suggestions that you can use to incorporate these soundscapes into your life. They also offer their history of sound healing research and how utilizing higher consciousness music can assist in your healing and transformational processes. Contents Include:

  • Our Research
  • FAQ
  • Listening Suggestions
  • Effects & Benefits
  • About the Creators
  • Guided Journeys & Meditations
  • Recommended Book List
  • Recapitulation Journal 4 CDs (50 minutes each) 56 page coil-bound Companion Guide. Ships via Standard Delivery only.
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