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Thoroughly relax from head to toe with Deep Relaxation!

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“A vacation in a bottle” is how one listener described Paul Scheele’s Deep Relaxation Paraliminal CD. You can see what others have to say below. As you listen, your mind calms, stress diminishes, fatigue disappears, and your body revitalizes. Paul Scheele masterfully created this excursion into the deepest relaxation imaginable after years of studying various relaxation processes. If relaxation and stress are issues for you, spend the $30 now for this effective audio program. All you need is a compact disc player and 34 minutes to feel your body melt from under you as your systems recharge and reenergize.

Thoroughly relax from head to toe with Deep Relaxation 34 minutes that feel like a week’s vacation. If you carry problems and stress with you, then listen, listen, listen. You will find yourself with more energy and less tension. Others will probably appreciate the relaxed you, and you may save yourself a lot of doctor bills. Take Deep Relaxation on vacation, especially a skiing trip or a sight-seeing trip, or any trip where you will be active from morning to night. When you listen to the CD as you fall asleep, no matter how exhausted you may be, you will let all stress and tension drain from your body. Come morning, you will feel refreshed and revitalized as if you had a full night’s sleep instead of just a few hours. “I have never experienced such thorough relaxation.” C.K., MN “I listen to Deep Relaxation every couple of weeks to keep my stress level down. Self-Esteem Supercharger is my other favorite.” E.E., CA

“I appreciate your Deep Relaxation. I’ve tried other relaxation tapes. Yours really makes me feel relaxed.” W.M., CA

“I have tried other programs, but they did not appear to work for me. Finally, at last I found Paraliminals that do work. After playing Deep Relaxation and Anxiety-Free they worked the very first time. Your CDs I feel are priced at a rate that most people can afford. I feel sure that I’m not the only person that your Paraliminals can help. I am so grateful for your developing Paraliminals. Again, I thank you.” L.L.. NY “Deep Relaxation is my favorite. I can’t believe how relaxed it makes me-within seconds! My husband was not open to these tapes at first, but now he is hooked, too. We’ve started listening to Sales Leap together, so we are on our way to becoming top sales people.” C.S., MN

More about Paraliminal Technology:

There are no “questionable” subliminal messages on our CDs. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul R. Scheele, skillfully guide your mind so that you get the results you want. To improve your life, sometimes all it takes is guidance to evoke your inner wisdom. Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted by Paul, trained in neuro-linguistic programming, whole mind learning, and preconscious processing, to give you the best CD for your investment. Special “Holosync” audio tones, developed by Centerpointe Research Institute , are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning. State-of-the-art digital recording produces a soothing 3-D sound that allows music and voices to project spatially in your head. Truly, nothing else gets results like a Paraliminal CD. Customers say that these are the best recordings they have ever heard.

“Paraliminal” is not “subliminal”

Many of our customers had been using subliminal and relaxation tapes without getting benefits they had been promised. They asked to develop recordings using the advanced human performance technologies that have made our seminars so popular and effective. “Subliminal” recordings hide positive statements or affirmations in music or environment sounds. The theory is that if you listen to subliminals for 30 to 60 days you will become whatever the messages say. But, 1) most people cannot listen to subliminals as often as directed; 2) the messages may have nothing to do with your state of being; 3) the National Research Council says there is no proof that the brain can act on such messages; and 4) the messages—if they can get into the brain—may even be harmful. One publisher has the message “if you don’t quit smoking, you will get cancer.” This is horrible because it is actually a command to “get cancer.” Another has a message for a child’s self-esteem, “I do things to please others”—this can lead to dysfunctional behaviors that harm the child.

You may be pleased to know that there are no subliminal messages on Paraliminal recordings. Paul R. Scheele introduces each Paraliminal CD with the purpose or programming parameters for the listening session. Then, Paul skillfully guides you to a state of relaxed alertness while original music plays in the background. When you are relaxed, music fades and Paul’s voice transforms into multiple voices. The left voice generally weaves metaphors for the creative right brain, and the right voice generally leads you through logical change processes for the analytical left brain. The multiple voices soothe and relax. Do not try to listen to the voices—just enjoy the flow and rhythm. To finish, Paul’s voices become one and music returns as he guides you back to full alertness. Because of the power of the Paraliminal process, you do not have to listen to Paraliminals nonstop to get results. Follow the guidelines presented in the instructions. Each Paraliminal CD is 10-20 minutes long, and includes an instruction booklet and user’s guide to help achieve the best results.

Stereo Headphones suggested for optimal results.


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