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State-Of-The-Art Light & Sound Glasses Surely, these ColorTrackfour glasses are a result of the “wish list” of all serious users of light and sound machines. Phenomenal electronics inside these glasses allow you to select from these many features:

  • A 20-color menu, including two selections with different colors in each eye
  • One menu selection where the color responds to the flicker frequency that is fed into the glasses; the color actually tracks and changes with the frequency
  • Color and intensity controls in the glasses for conveniently changing the color or intensity by pressing a button. You can accurately cycle and choose the color options and intensity settings all while a session is running.
  • Two options of being able to run different colors in each eye.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs create remarkable visual images

The connector used to connect the ColorTrackfour to the system is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. In the past, when cords would get damaged during use, the entire pair of glasses would need to be replaced. Now, ColorTrackfour Glasses have a detachable cord, making replacement much more economical.

Custom-designed protective case is included. The kaleidoscope of colors (15,625,000 distinct colors – 250 values per color) and patterns will take you along a colorful adventure, producing a new and engaging experience, even to those who have used light and sound for a long time.

How They Work:

Color selection is made by a switch on the glasses. There are 20 color choices plus the color track option. Two of the twenty color selections have different colors in each eye. Intensity is controlled by a switch on the glasses, and allows for increase intensity, repeat mode, and reverse direction.

ColorTrack glasses have 4 LEDs per eye inside the frame. When connected to a light and sound system, the power source is off for 1/2 cycle when the lights are in phase. The glasses micro-controller moves to low power mode during this time and can operate as slow as 1/4 hertz (4 second cycle, 2 second power-off time). During power off times, the switches are not sensed, so at low frequency settings and IN Phase (synchronous) stimulation, switch activations must slow down to be seen. A light and sound machine is required to use ColorTrack glasses. These glasses are sure to please the most experienced and discriminating light and sound user. The name “ColorTrack” comes from the frequency-following mode in which the color responds to the frequency of stimulation. No other light and sound glasses even come close.

Color Menu:

  • Red
  • Amber
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Palegreen
  • Chartreuse
  • Greenaqua
  • Aqua
  • Blueaqua
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Magenta
  • Crimson
  • Pink
  • Offwhite
  • TruWhite
  • Right Red, Left Blue
  • Right Blue, Left Green Frequency Tracking* *The colors for frequency tracking are:
  • Delta – Blue
  • Theta – Aqua
  • Alpha – Green
  • SMR – Orange
  • Low Beta – Red
  • High Beta – Indigo
  • Gamma – Magenta

ColorTrack Glasses are compatible with: Nova Pro 100, Muse #, InnerPulse, Luma 10. Colors shown on glasses for illustration purposes only, and frames are black. Cord and custom-fitted glasses pouch included. ColorTrack glasses MUST be used with one of these machines …. they will not operate without it. We cannot be held responsible for inoperability on any non-Photosonix equipment.


Feedback from users

So let’s get down to the ColorTrack Glasses: despite thinking that the name ColorTrack sounded trendy at first, I really do love both the product and the features. The ColorTrack Glasses are pre-programmed with 20 vivid color presets ranging from reds, blues, greens, golds, to purples, (basically the spectrum of colors), along with the actual ColorTrack function. The ColorTracks have two switches mounted right on the glasses you push for easy adjustments during a session. One switch changes the actual color you want, (20 of them are available along with the ColorTrack option) while the other switch adjusts the actual brightness. This is nice, as you do not need to reach for the machine to adjust the brightness. If two people have adjustable glasses, (or two ColorTrack glasses) each person can customize their own session. They also come with a detachable cord, which is nice if somehow the cord were to be damaged.

COLORTRACK: When you begin a L/S session if you enable the ColorTrack feature, the glasses will display the color that corresponds to the frequency of the session you are currently running as it moves through that session. This makes for many interesting color changes during a session. The blues tend to come out and play during lower frequencies, the reds dance during higher ones, etc. The combination of vivid color and broader spread across the glasses seems to lend itself to more lively shapes and patterns, even dimensions. In all, it has made the sessions more powerful for me.

BRIGHTNESS: This is the only potential problem I have found with these glasses thus far. If you are a person that typically has their LED glasses at full brightness, you might find the ColorTrack glasses to be a bit subdued. The ColorTrack glasses are bright enough for my wife and I. They do seem to provide slightly better patterns and visuals, and from my experience, visuals are better without full on brightness, but I felt compelled to mention this, as it could be an issue to some people, such as a visually impaired person as to light. I think the overall light output is about 75% to 80% of that of my other Photosonix glasses, which is probably fine for most users. They are clearly the most entertaining glasses I have used.

DOWNLOADABLE: I understand that future computer downloads for these glasses are planned, (just as sessions are now for the Nova Pro 100) from Photosonix. I presume this will enable more color options.

FUN WITH COLORTRACK AND AUDIOSTROBE : Where this option is really a fun feature in my opinion is when you opt to pipe in music of your own choosing by way of the audio, (not microphone) input jack on the Nova Pro 100. (This is a neat option if you are using a Nova Pro 100 or a L/S machine that will let you input music and triggers the lights). Since I am only familiar with the Nova Pro 100: you must be in manual operator mode or the audio signal just mixes in with a session and will not be picked up to trigger the lights. Additionally, when the Nova Pro 100 is in manual mode it will shut off every 15 minutes. This audio function was one I did not know the machine would do solo and without sessions, as I thought it would only trigger the lights with an AudioStrobe encoded CD. AudioStrobe is a specialized CD with encoded information on the CD that triggers the lights at certain times during playback by frequency, but for me, I always preferred the machine internal sessions to that of the AudioStrobe CD’s. However, once I obtained the ColorTrack glasses, I experimented and tried to input regular, classic rock and other music to discover it too would trigger the lights and I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely it worked. It seems the machine triggers based on higher frequencies of the music, as some music works much better than other types. For example, I found, to name just a few, that music with drums and cymbals triggers it well, not the low end bass but higher end treble, even vocals sometimes. I had great success with a few songs, and have only tried a few so far, with aide by a slight increase in treble and moderate but not real high volume input from an external headphone jack on the other device. The following songs thus far worked very well by triggering a nice, visual multi-colored light show on ColorTrack Mode: 1) South City Midnight Lady (Doobie Brothers); 2) Money (Pink Floyd); 3) Stan (Eminem); 4) The Mask (Hisham) 5) Hellagood (No Doubt) and 6) Leave it (Yes). I will be trying many more. I am sure most songs with percussion and wide range will work well, but I wanted to give a few examples. The machine acts as a “Color Organ” if you are old enough to recall what those were like, (giving away my age here). Whatever you wish to call it, it is a very entertaining and legal way to be entertained. Have fun with it.

AUDIO HINTS: (Important with light/sound machines): I have tried many headphones, with both the Nova Pro 100 and with my home stereo: Here is my input as to headphones: The standard Photosonix headphones are surprisingly good with the basic machine patches, though not for music. For added effect, (especially with music) I love the following, (and I have tried a lot of headphones): Best Value: Sony MDR-V6- around $70 street. They sound great overall for the price, and don’t need much power to drive them. With headphones, price often does not seem to reflect how good they sound, which I find interesting.

CONCLUSION: I feel these ColorTrack glasses are the best overall value and performing glasses you can buy. They are clearly the most entertaining, with full control during sessions right on the glasses. They are downloadable and you will not outgrow them or tire of the color options and features. Further, Photosonix has good technical support. I actually have another pair on order, so my wife and I can enjoy them at the same time. The only possible problem I see is probably limited to people with diminished light vision or people that really like a bright set of glasses. For me, if adjusted to their brightest setting, they are more than adequate with output. Certainly standard glasses and the supplied Photosonix headphones work well, but if you add in these new ColorTrack glasses, and perhaps better headphones for music, I believe your experience will be highly enhanced for years to come. I am not affiliated with any company. I am a Social Worker and on a budget like most people. I write this as I noticed a lack of any reviews, which I know I, and others, look for when considering a product. So, I hope this helps. Good luck. Enjoy. J.M., a personal user of light/sound equipment. California


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