Beaches Pheromone Spray



Need help attracting your next Partner?  Beaches can help!

Great Product for Daily use!  Helps to put those around you at ease.

Many of our customers use this product daily for business and negotiations.



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A powerful sexual attractant containing 17 exotic fragrances and pheromones. This topical formula will help attract the opposite sex. The scent comes from a 300 year old South Seas love potion that smells like a day at the beach.

Beaches by Michael Vie™:

  • May help improve your confidence
  • Easy to use and conceal.
  • May be used whenever an opportunity presents itself.
  • Will help make you stand out and make you the center of romantic attraction.

Ingredients: Androstenone, Androstenol, almond oil, fragrance

Customer Experiences:

“Beaches is the only pheromone on the market.”

“…Since I’ve been using your products, my life has become a medley of swarming women.”

Beaches Body Spray

Beaches by Michael Vie™ Body Spray:

The body spray may be used with Beaches by Michael Vie™ Body Oil to achieve a more powerful effect. Simply spray once or twice after applying the body lotion.

Note: The products listed on this page have a money back guarantee. Please return the product if you are not satisfied for a full refund minus shipping charges.
The same tropical fragrance and very effective ingredients as our very popular Beaches Body Oil is now available in a spray that you can carry with you and use whenever the situation arises.


Use it by spraying on the skin or your clothing. 2 oz.


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