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Brainwave Suite 4 CD Set
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Brainwave Suite 4 CD Set

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Combining natural brainwave frequencies with ambient music and nature sounds, Jeffrey Thompson has discovered a way to let you orchestrate your state of mind to...

• Stimulate concentration and productivity. • Promote insight and intuition. • Release physical tension and trigger the ‘relaxation response’. • Quiet your mind so you can drift into deep, restful sleep. • Heighten your sensitivity and foster communication and intimacy. • Enhance artistic inspiration and creativity.

Here’s How It Works... Every state of mind has a unique pattern of brainwaves—composed of alpha, beta, delta and theta waves—which can be measured and mapped. Brainwave Suite blends subtle pulses of sound into the musical soundtrack, to stimulate your brain to produce waves with a pattern that matches the state you want to experience.

Learn more about the four brain states.

ALPHA: Relaxation & Meditation ALPHA waves combined with classical guitar, bamboo flutes, and sounds of birds and gentle breezes free your mind to experience states of relaxation and meditation. Use this program in the background for stress reduction and relaxation, or listen more intently to support your meditation practice.

THETA: Insight & Intuition THETA waves floating amid orchestral strings, deep resonant tones of Tibetan bells, and the patter of raindrops promote vivid mental imagery, emotional insight, and expansive creativity. Use this program to enhance creative problem solving, and to help you connect with your intuition and artistic expression.

DELTA: Sleep & Rejuvenation DELTA waves embedded within soothing ocean sounds and tones of Tibetan Bells & Bowls relax you and lead you to restful sleep. To fall asleep, simply allow the music to guide your brainwaves into rejuventing delta sleep . To stay asleep, set the recording to play all night.

ALPHA-THETA: Awakened Mind Combined ALPHA/THETA waves ("The Awakened Mind Pattern")with sounds of flowing streams, rainfall, and distant thunder lead you to the state of clarity and awareness experienced by advanced yogis and meditators. This program supports meditation practice, sharpens mental performance and promotes inner peace. (240 minutes)

Using three-dimensional recording techniques, Brainwave Suite combines synthesizers, shakuhachi flutes, Tibetan bells and acoustic guitar with actual sounds of nature to produce soothing, relaxing music which enhances the effect.

A 24-page booklet explains the scientific and psychological basis for how Brainwave Suite works.

4 CD set.

Learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Formerly Item #TT531

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