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Sound & Light Therapy

Sound can be used to improve both our health and our state of mind. If youíve been seeking calm, consciousness, relaxation, or focus, sound therapy may be an alternative method that you may want to try.

Hereís how it works: When exposed to loud sounds such as loud music, or the steady, abundant noise of big cities, our hearing becomes gradually desensitized to hearing sound frequencies in the higher pitches. This results in a gradual decrease in your energy level, irritability to other sound around you, or unhealthy behaviors.

Sound therapy works by getting you to re-sensitize your earís ability to hear higher frequencies, thus opening your body and mind to behavior modification programs, improved states of consciousness, or relaxation. Using sound therapy products like sound therapy tuning forks, sound therapy CDs, Kelly Howell brain sync audio technology, or behavior modification programs, your ear can be exercised and your mind and body opened to the possibility of wellness.

At Tools for Wellness, we offer sound therapy CDs, sound therapy tuning forks, behavior modification programs, brain sync audio technologies, and other sound therapies to help you on your journey to wellness. Many of our sound therapy products come from experts in the vibrational and sound therapy fields.

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