9 Pyramid Matrix Sleep System


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The nine pyramid matrix technology works like a giant lens which focuses the more powerful energy fields discharging off the tops of 9 pyramids to a point of concentrated energy below.

There are 8 platinum anodized 10″ pyramids plus one 10″ gold anodized pyramid in the center.

There is also a 30″ gold anodized collector pyramid which attaches to the back of the grid for hanging over a bed. This pyramid matrix can also hang on a wall without the 30″ collector pyramid attached.

Users report more restful and balanced sleep, heightened energy and healing, increased dreaming, awareness, rejuvenation and increased sexual pleasure.

The titanium alloy shafts are charged with a powerful 1,000,000 volt Tesla Coil Pyramid Charger to produce a very high energy output. Some assembly is required; detailed instructions are included. Be aware that this is a very powerful energy matrix; the name was inspired by Atlantis. Standard Delivery only.


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