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MindPlace Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine (Includes Bonus Pair of Light Glasses)

MindPlace Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine (Includes Bonus Pair of Light Glasses)

After many years of faithful service, the Sirius has been retired, and we suggest you take a look at it's "big brother" the Proteus .

Why Tools For Wellness should be your choice when buying a Light and Sound machine:

  • Customer service to help select the right model for you and help after the sale. When you get stuck or need some guidance, we're here for you.

  • Unlike other companies, we actually answer customer emails, and are here for you when you call us. We've been in business since 1988, and operate from a building with a full-time staff, substantial inventory, and a modern order processing / shipping system ... unlike many others who operate out of their homes on a part-time basis.

    NEW! Additional pair of glasses and AC Adapter are included!

    What makes the Sirius mind machine the ultimate relaxation helper is lots of little things. It's sturdy, ergonomic and easy to use. It's conveniently small. It feels great in your hand. Its lights are bright enough, but not too bright. The programs are fun, relaxing, truly superior.

    Included is a specially encoded CD with full, coordinated programs, and you can easily coordinate the flashes to this specially made, AudioStrobe CD with binaural beats. This patented technology encodes inaudible control signals within compact disc audio tracks. These signals directly trigger and control the Sirius lights, resulting in perfectly synchronized audio-visual experiences.

    A Breakthrough In Value!

    Before the Sirius, no fully functional mind machine unit cost less than $150. No unit boasted comparable features, and the closest approximations cost $200 or more. The Sirius contains in a single machine all the important functions previously available only if you bought two units costing a total of $400 plus it adds a few more capacities and a specially encoded sampler CD!

    The Sirius has 23 professionally designed preset sessions. German scientist Dr. Gerhard Bittner designed 23 sessions for the Sirius that include Relaxation, Peak Performance and Learning Enhancement, which range from 10 to 60 minutes per session. Manual operation is from 0.1 - 30 Hz. and you can control the frequency yourself in manual mode. In addition, you can choose between FOCUS (both light and sound on/off) and EXPAND (lights and sounds alternate left/right).

    Flashes coordinate with music in three ways:

    1. AudioStrobe Sirius is fully compatible with AudioStrobe, whose inaudible signal precisely synchronizes the lights with their audio content. AudioStrobe CDs required for this feature.

    2. ColorPulse When connected to any audio source, the music beat will control the light flashes, turning regular music into a kaleidoscopic light show.

    3. MicroPulse A built-in microphone translates external sounds into ColorPulse signals. Use with your home stereo or at live music events, with Sirius's convenient belt clip.

    1 Free Sampler CD with every Sirius: The Sampler has selections from each of the four AudioStrobe CDs, as well as from an AudioStrobe CD from Germany.

    Key Features:

  • 23 built-in programs
  • AudioStrobe compatible
  • Extremely user-friendly

    What TOOLS likes:

  • Unique random session creates a different session every time it runs.
  • Manual control (0.2 to 40.0 Hz) of pulse rates to create precise stimulation protocols for personalized exploration.
  • Turns any sound source into a synchronized light show.
  • Terrific value and easy-to-use.


    An exceptional machine ... easy-to-use, excellent reliability, many features at a terrific price. Quite a value! Built-in programs for relaxation, learning, increased energy, visualization, sports performance, and more.

    Stylish, compact control panel with built-in folding stand. Very portable; this is important when you want to relax at home, be more productive at work, or help with jet lag while traveling.

    What's Included
  • Control unit (measures 4"x3"x1")
  • PureWhite white light glasses
  • NEW! Blue light glasses
  • High-quality headphones
  • Carrying case
  • Stereo patch cable (allows you to connect Sirius to your CD player)
  • NEW! AC Adpater
  • Sampler AudioStrobe CD
  • Comprehensive User manual

    1-year warranty. Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included), or the AC Adapter (included).


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    The Sirius has been retired, and we suggest you take a look at it's "big brother" the Proteus

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