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Mind Altering Experience & Consciousness Exploration

We have all heard the phrase: “We only use 10% of brains.” With just 10%, humanity has accomplished some extraordinary feats. Just imagine what might happen if we were able to unlock that other 90%. With the tools and materials you can find at, you can take you first step on the journey of consciousness exploration and mind altering experiences.

One way to increase the potential power of your mind is through dream therapy tools. Many researchers have concluded that when you are dreaming, your subconscious is hard at work trying to convey a message. Being able to control or direct your dreaming can help expand your mental capacity. It may even answer the question: How to have an out of body experience? Out of body experiences allow you to explore the mysteries of time, physics, and ancient wisdom. In order to attain a dream-like state though, you must first be able to completely relax and be in deep mediation. That is where mind machines come into play as devices that help you to calm down while also energizing you for the experience you are about to embark upon.
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