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Magnet Therapy

People use magnetic mattresses for pain reduction, but also to increase their energy level.

A word about GAUSS

Most people believe that gauss is a measurement of the strength of a magnet. This is partially true. What gauss actually pertains to is the amount of electrons, or density of them that surround the magnet. You might think of it much like an invisible aura that surrounds the magnet.

What is more important than the gauss, however, is what is called permeability. This pertains to the real distance this “aura” extends away from the magnet. You can have a high gauss reading at the surface of a magnet, yet the field may not extend very far away from the surface.

If the magnetic field doesn’t extend very far from the surface, you probably will not get the benefit you believe you are getting because the magnetic force will not penetrate into your body very far.

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