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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs
Amazing to think that the human eye can see 7,000,000 colors! In order to see those colors accurately, the light source needs to contain all the colors of the spectrum, and in equal amounts.

  • The only naturally occuring source for this quality of illumination is daylight.

  • Full Spectrum lighting provides the closest light source to natural daylight.

  • Life is so much better when you experience it in true color!

    Many people are uncomfortable with electric lighting for indoor activities. There is widespread concern that it "just isn't natural", which leads to the suspicion that it is not good for you. Much research has been done, however, the quality of some of the research has been questioned.

    The American Psychiatric Association has held a number of symposiums to clear the air around what kind of benefits may result from use of Verilux natural spectrum lights. Some of the benefits attributed include improved visual acuity (sharpness), reduced fatigue, fewer dental caries, improved neural functioning, reduced seasonal depression, reduced bulimia, reduced hyperactivity and repetitive behaviour, greater school achievement, improved attendance, greater attentiveness and improved mood. More research is likely necessary to draw firm conclusions.

    Boost your mood, improve your sleep and productivity!

    Our Chromalux and Verilux Full Spectrum light bulbs are the closest replication of natural sunlight available.

    These bulbs contain neodymium, a rare earth element, that filters out the excessive yellow part of the spectrum to which our eyes are most sensitive.

    The result is a healthier, more natural, pleasing white light. Ordinary bulbs are very rich in the color yellow, and cause other colors in the spectrum to appear dull.

    These natural spectum bulbs show colors accurately and increases the contrast between black and white, while reducing glare, eyestrain, and fatigue.

    Benefits of Natural Spectrum Light Bulbs:

  • Uplifting, cheerful, and bright

  • Specially Designed Filament: Long lasting life- 5000 Hours

  • Pure Neodymium Glass

  • Improves reading comfort by reducing glare and eyestrain

    Clear or Frosted: What's the Difference?

    Some customers prefer frosted bulbs in settings where the actual bulb is exposed, such as a vanity or when in a fixture that might have you seeing the filament out of the corner of your eye as it does help shield the glare a bit. In other settings where the bulb is covered, we suggest clear bulbs. There is no difference in output or light quality ... it's more of a personal preference so we offer both styles in most sizes!


    NOTE: Due to voltage and lighting ballast restrictions, Natural Spectrum light bulbs are made for use in U.S. and Canada only.
  • Full Spectrum Light Bulb 60 Watt
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    Full Spectrum Light Bulb 75 Watt
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    Full Spectrum Light Bulb 100 Watt
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    Full Spectrum Light Bulb 150 Watt
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    Full Spectrum Light Bulb 50/100/150 Watt 3 Way
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    Full Spectrum Reflector Light Bulbs
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    Ottlite Full Spectrum 20W Bulb Compact Fluorescentt - 75W equivalent
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