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More about Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

More about Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Dr. Thompson has been experimenting with sound since 1980 in Virginia in the Holistic Health Center that he had established there. At the time, this was the largest Center of its kind in Virginia. His experiments were in using exact sound frequencies to make Chiropractic spinal adjustments, cranial adjustments, stimulate and normalize organ function and balance Acupuncture Meridians.

Dr. Thompson is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of brainwave entrainment frequencies incorporated into musical sound tracks. A consummate musician and composer in his own right, he has established a method for using modulated sound-pulses for Brainwave Entrainment for changing states of consciousness for optimal "Mind-Body" healing.

His first recording ISLE OF SKYE was carried by major music distributors in the US within it's first month of release. Within the first six months it was adopted by the American Hypnotherapy Association for its use in hypnosis. In the years since, Dr Thompson has generated over 60 Brainwave Entrainment compact disks and audiotapes sold in 26 countries and used by Holistic MD's, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Chiropractors and other bodywork professionals as well as the general public. His tapes and CD's are carried nationally in major stores and catalogs: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Crown Books, Sam Goody's, Tower Records and the Delta Sync Sleep System CD Set carried through national TV ads by TIME / LIFE.

He is currently on the faculty and has research and clinical offices at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS - a graduate school and research center) in Encinitas, California. He teaches two 40-hour courses in sound therapy techniques ("Behavioral Psychoacoustics" and "Clinical Neuroacoustics"), recognized by the state of California as part of the core curriculum for the Clinical Psychotherapy and Human Science Masters and PhD programs at CIHS.

He has worked with Deepak Chopra, created 7 tapes with Louise Hay, done the sound programs for conferences with Bernie Seigel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy, and Susan Jeffers. He has worked with NASA and JPL with plasma-wave audio recordings sent back from the Voyager Space Craft and researched their effects on the subconscious mind for healing and emotional release.

His work has been part of research projects at the NeuroPsychiatric Center at UCLA and researched at the Royal Ottawa Sleep Research Center in Canada. His work has been chosen to be part of the nationally funded CSCAT (Center for the Study of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies) Program at the University of Viginia Medical School and his recordings have been used with patients during surgery and in the oncology departments of hospitals in Pennsylvania. He is currently part of the Complimentary-Alternative Medicine Research and Therapy Association at Scripps Hospital, San Diego, California.

Dr Thompson has appeared on FOX Evening News Los Angeles, CNN Worldwide Reports, numerous cable access shows, San Diego Channel 10 Evening News, San Diego Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Psychology Today Magazine and a host of San Diego Newspapers.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, 1970 Massachusetts College of The Arts, Boston, MA.

Chiropractic Physician Degree, 1980 Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA (Licensed to practice: CA, NY, VA, W.VA.)

Certified Physiotherapy (all modalities)

Certified Chiropractic Radiography (xray)

Chinese Meridian Therapy (needleless, laser, magnetic) 1972-present

Applied Kinesiology (AK)(Certified / Advanced)

Craniopathy (AK, S.O.T., Sutherland)

Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.)

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (advanced S.O.T. - adjusting organs)

Nutritional Counseling (Blood Chemistry/CBC/UA analysis)

Biomagnetic Therapy (Certified) - Ceramic Earth Alloy / Magnetherm

Polarity Therapy

Color Therapy 1988, Hygeia College of Color Therapy, Brook House, Avening, Tetbury,UK (Theo Gimbel)


Illustrated Anatomy / Physiology Classroom Manuals and Study Guides , 1979-80, Palmer College of Chiropractic (Osteology, Myology, Embryology, CNS, PNS)

Palmer College Manual for CMRT Techniques, Palmer College Diagnosis Dept. (Designed and Illustrated)

Institute for Complementary Medicine Professional Journal, London, UK Research & Development

1982 - present Sound Frequency Resonance in Physical Healing Research.

1988-90 - Color Therapy Research. Acoustic Brainwave Entrainment.

1988 - present : Primordial Sounds and Subconscious Recognition.

1989 - present : NASA and the Voyager I & II Plasma Wave recordings from the outer planets and their effect on the subconscious, deep relaxation and stress reduction.

1988-89 - AIDS research with frequency resonance, Trust for Living Foundation, St. Clair's Hospital - Spellman Center for AIDS Research, New York, NY.

1989 - Acoustic Harmonic Compression, a technique developed for processing sound to stimulate Primordial Recognition in the subconscious mind.

1989 - Audible Subliminal Processing, a technique developed to digitally process the spoken voice to sound like nature sounds.

1994 - Selected tapes and CD's part of a research program with opiate addiction and endorphin release to aid in withdrawal conducted by the Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA.

1997 - Royal Ottawa Hospital Sleep Research Center : research project with "Brainwave Suite" Delta for pathologic sleep disorders - found to be 95% effective with pathologic sleep disorders.

1997 - Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CSCAT), University of Virginia Medical School (funded through US Gov.) Two projects using Dr Thompson's sound work : 1).Neurofeedback - EEG sound entrainment techniques, 2). The healing properties of specific frequencies through physical resonance using sound and the AMI measuring device.

Music and Recordings

Musician and composer since 1964. Various instruments : electric and classical guitar, Sitar, bamboo flute, harmonium, piano, electronic keyboard, autoharp.

1989 - Present : 66 Audio Tapes and CD's produced through separate companies : Brain/Mind Research, Encinitas, CA.- 26 Audio Tapes and CD's sold through distributors in 26 countries. Relaxation Company, New York, NY - 7 Audio Tape / CD Sets. Sold through world-wide markets as well as Barnes & Noble, Walden Books, Borders, Sam Goody's, Crown Books and major catalogs. Delta Music / Laserlite, Los Angeles, CA. - 5 CD Set - "Symphonies of the Planets". Sold through major outlets, Walden Books, Crown Books, Tower Records, Sam Goody's, etc. Hay House, Inc. 7 tapes with Louise Hay. Sold through Hay House Publishing world-wide.

1993 - Wrote light entrainment programs to go with all tapes and CD's for the Voyager XL light/sound brainwave entrainment instrument. Theta Tech, Fall City, WA.

1993 - Wrote light entrainment programs to go with all tapes and CD's for the Mindlab light/sound brainwave entrainment instrument. Synetic Systems, Seattle, WA.

1994 - Book-Of-The-Month Club, carried 6 titles nationally.

1994 - "Child of a Dream" used by : Louise Hay in her national conference series "Visions of the Future". Jeanne Houston's National Meditation Conferences. Lynn Andrews' 4-day Shaman Intensive National Tour.

1994 - Presenter of the "Sonic Sri Yantra" at the Deepak Chopra 7 day seminar "Seduction of Spirit" resulted in the "Sonic Sri Yantra" CD. 1999- Delta Sync Sleep System CD Set national television advertisements by TIME/LIFE


1985-87 - Taught 5 semesters "Holistic Health Psychology", Psychology Dept. Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, W.VA.

1989 -Taught Bio-Tuning Sound Therapy, John David Learning Institute 12 Day Certification Course.

1993 - present Teaching three 40 hour courses : "Behavioral Psychoacoustics", "Clinical Neuroacoustics", "Eastern/Western Medicine". Core courses for PhD / Masters Degrees for PhD in Clinical Psychology, California Institute for Human Science, Encinitas, CA.

1997-98 - Sound Therapy 2 Day Workshops. Kaui and Hawaii.

1993-Present - Sonic Induction Therapy 6 day Intensive Certification Course.

Professional Practice / Businesses

1981-1988 - Owner : Winchester Chiropractic Center for Holistic Health Care, P.C., Winchester, VA. (Largest in Virginia).

1988 - Holistic Health Associates, Solana Beach, then Encinitas, CA.

1989-95 - Brain/Mind Research (audio tape / CD Production Company for Dr. Thompson's recordings).

1995-Present - Neuroacoustic Research, California Institute for Human Science, Encinitas, CA. Sound Therapy / Clinical Practice / Research / Faculty.

Speaker / Lecturer / Performer

1985 - A speaker and lecturer at numerous organizations and public venues

1989 - Invited by Nadia Burova, head of the Soviet Peace Delegation to the United States, to lecture in Moscow on Sonic Induction therapy.

1989 - Presenter at the First International New Age Music Conference, Hollywood, CA On the use of sound in healing and changing consciousness.

1990-1996 - Numerous lectures through The Learning Annex, San Diego, CA.

1990 - Presenter and panelist at the conference "Healing in the 90's", Santa Monica, CA. with Louise Hay, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, W. Bru Joy, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Susan Jeffers. Created a brainwave entrainment soundtrack to link the brainwave activity of all 3,000 participants for a group "Mind-Link" experience.

1990 - Participant and exhibitor in the American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA.

1991 - Presenter at the conference "Visions of the Future" with Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Seigel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy. Created the brainwave entrainment soundtrack for the entire conference.

1991 - Presenter and exhibitor in the conference "The Evolution of Psychotherapy" sponsored by the Milton Erickson Foundation at the Anaheim Civic Auditorium, Anaheim, CA.

1994 - Presenter of the "Sonic Sri Yantra" at the Deepak Chopra 7 day seminar "Seduction of Spirit".

1994-96 - Brainwave entrainment musical performance for Timothy Leary presentation hosted by the California Institute for Human Science.

1996-97 - Two time presenter for The Institute for Noetic Sciences both in Escondido and San Diego.

1997 - Brainwave entrainment music soundtrack for The Consciousness Conference, with Timothy Leary, Valerie Hunt and Stanley Kripner, hosted by The California Institute for Human Science.

1996-97 - Two time presenter at the Intuition 2000 Conference, San Diego State Univ. Sound Frequency and Brainwave Entrainment for Enhancing Intuition.


1981 - Co-founder and co-owner of The Winchester Chiropractic Holistic Health Center, Winchester, VA.

1988 - Founder : Holistic Health Associates.

1989-1990 - Founding Member of Vortex, a musical group giving live "Mind-Link" concerts combining electronic instruments with ancient instruments for changing consciousness. The CD "Windows", resulted from one of these concerts.

1989 - Co-Founder : Brain/Mind Research. A production company for producing Dr. Thompson's audio tapes and CD's.

1995 - Founder : Center for Neuroacoustic Research, at the California Institute for Human Science, Encinitas, CA.


1981 - Sonic Induction Therapy. Using sound frequencies to heal various body systems.

1981 - Acoustic Brainwave Entrainment techniques (Poly-Phasic Modulation) used individually with patients and incorporated later into a series of recordings.

1989 - a 3-D video system with head-mounted right/left eye displays.

1989 - The "Holonomic Kaleidescope". a video driven kaleidescope with your whole head inside. For "eyes-open" brainwave entrainment and subliminal processing.

1989 - "Voyager I and II" Sound Therapy Tables and the "Ergonomic" Sound Table.

1989 - "Primordial Sound" technology. Using digitally altered sounds to access various regions of the unconscious mind for healing.

1990 - "Audible Subliminal" technology for programming the unconscious mind with statements which can clearly be heard, but only recognized by the unconscious.

1990 - A multi-person brainwave entrainment device using light and sound for group "mind-link" experiences.

1991 - PsychoSensory Integration Sound Therapy Tables (with transducer technology).

1993 - 3-D video brainwave entrainment / "Primordial Visual Processing" using subconsciously recognizable images.

1997 - Reverse Speech deprogramming of self-sabatoging belief systems.

1998 - Software programmed sleep enhancement technique for digitally recorded sounds.

1998 - For Headwaters Inc. Sleep Digital Sound Bedroom Unit for Brookstone Inc. Stores nationwide.

2001 - Ergonomic, Zero-Gravity, Acoustic Vibration Recliner with low frequency transducer technology.


1989-Present - Consultation on the use of brainwave entrainment and healing with sound with Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Bodywork Professionals and Peak Performance Professionals.

1990-Present - Consultation on the addition of brainwave entrainment frequencies to musical soundtracks for other artists and companies.

1998 - Tranquil Moments I & II. (Headwaters Corp) Consultation for Sleep Enhancement Feature of pre-existing "sound conditioner" device with digital nature sounds sold through Brookstone stores nationwide and through Sears.

2001 - Cisco Systems Corp. Consultation to boost creative problem solving and lateral "out-of-the-box" thinking using brainwave entrainment soundtracks and specially designed sound chair recliner. Before and after testing with Psychological creativity testing and EEG studies showed a 20% boost in creativity in 6 weeks.

2001 - Mattel Toys, Inc. Consultation for project similar to Cisco Systems Corp. Pre and post testing of creativity and Heart Rate Variability for stress reduction. 6 Custom sound tracks and Sound Chair Recliner.

2001 - Aesthetics Inc. designing sound healing environments for hospitals.

For more information on Dr. Thompson's consulting services, click here.


1986 - Winchester Star Newspaper

1988-89 - San Diego Magazine, San Diego Blade-Citizen, San Diego Union Tribune, ABC Channel 8 San Diego Evening News, Perspectives Magazine, Los Angeles Times, KFSD and KCBQ Radio Stations (San Diego)

1993 - Frontier Magazine "Whole Brain Synchronization with Music and Sound".

1993 - New Age Retailer Magazine, "A Sympathetic Vibration - Sound and Music in the Healing Arts" Part 1.

1994 - New Age Retailer Magazine, "A Sympathetic Vibration - Sound and Music in the Healing Arts" Part 2.

1994 - Cable TV interview, Beverly Hills, CA, Ann Palmer "Healing Sounds".

1994 - VISIONS Cable TV Show, Valle Aman, "The Inner Awakening w/ Space Sounds".

1995 - "Sounds of Life" Cable Access TV, Nite Rainbo, Inc., Maui, HA.

1995 - "Spherical Harmonics", Cable Access TV, Nite Rainbo, Maui, HA.

1996 - Local Access Cable TV, Ojai, CA. "Healing and Changing Consciousness with Sound".

1996 - ELLE Magazine, Psychology Today Magazine, San Diego Online Magazine, FOX Evening News Los Angeles, CNN World-Wide Report.

1998 - "Bio-Tuning and Sonic Induction", Judy Deinst - Cable TV Show "Healing Voices", Los Angeles, CA.

1999 - TIME/LIFE Television Ads for Delta Sleep System CD Set.
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