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Color Therapy

Did you know that something as simple as color or light can influence your mood? Did you ever notice that most fast food restaurants have red and yellow in their logos? These two colors are associated with desire that can lead to a craving hunger. Most horror movies use black and red in their posters to help convey a scary or shocking motif. Even in the movie “The Matrix,” the director had the editors dull the blue sky to a dark and drab shade because blue is a relaxing color. “The Matrix” involved a world where machines had enslaved humanity and there was nothing calming or relaxing about that.

At, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to use colors to achieve a certain frame of mind. You can start with this set of color therapy glasses. This set of nine shades of colors allows you to utilize color therapy every day. Looking to get rid of aging signs? This deep penetrating LED light tool can be used to reverse the effects of aging by stimulating deep into the skin to facilitate repair. Even something simple like feeling the rays of the sun can help you feel better. But what if it is a cloudy day, night, or in the dead of winter? Simply use this Verilux HappyLight 6000 Sunshine Supplement light system to get the rays you need. What can the power of light and color do for you?
Color Therapy
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