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MegaChi Far Infrared Pendant
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MegaChi Far Infrared Pendant

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Let go of who you are not ….. remember who you truly are!

  • Expect to feel a wonderful sense of well being.

  • Expect to be more connected with your intuition and remember the things that matter.

  • Expect to feel vitalized and energized so you can accomplish the things that are important to you.

  • Expect to resonate at a higher level so you’re in the flow. When you’re in the flow, you attract wonderful, things, events, and people into your life.

    The MegaChi is exactly what it says. Big energy! The MegaChi Pendant is a representation of our universe and our cosmos, the sun, the moon, our planet earth, and how we are all interconnected. The vertical and horizontal lines represent the crossroads, which is also sacred geometry, the intersection where creation began. Due to its exquisite design the MegaChi Pendant has energy in and of itself, and when energized with HighChi Energy, it creates an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    The Mega Chi Pendant is designed to protect not only from negative ELF and EMF (low frequency electromagnetic energy fields) caused by cell phones, microwaves, computers, etc., but also from other negative energies like fear and doubt - even the negative thoughts of others!

    About the Technology

    Ever since Einstein published his Theory of Relativity, the scientific world has joined the spiritual belief that we are all energy, that everything in the universe is energy. The energy that runs a power plant or the orbit of the planets is the same energy that runs a living organism. Further, we are coming to understand that our intentions, thoughts and feelings affect this essential energy as it manifests through out our body, emotions, mind and spirit.

    While the discovery of the theory of relativity may have been one of the most important piece of science to date, it also confirms that today’s world is filled to the brim with bouncing electronic frequencies and radio waves capable of robbing us of this essential energy and vital life force. The frequencies emanating from the simple devices in our homes and offices are responsible for blocking the natural interface of this energy with the body and our physical and emotional well being.

    Throughout the ages, mankind have sensed and believed in the healing properties assigned to holy places, such as Lourdes, or power spots such as the great pyramids, where a high concentration of this healing energy is believed to exist. People have, even to this day traveled far, journeying on perilous pilgrimages to benefit from such places. However, access and knowledge was often limited to the few and those in power.

    At different times in different traditions, attempts have been made to harness this life force energy. Using a synergy of ancient Egyptian and cutting edge technologies HighChi has now made this energy available to you.

    How it works:

  • Digitize: Precisely we take a special digital photograph of each design, in order to obtain a numeric sequence or ASCII code.

  • Computerize: We then feed this digital code into our computers, which contain the energy formulations. At this point each design becomes a transceiver in that it both sends and receives the energy.

  • Energize: Using scalar waves, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, our computer directly sends the energy to the digital code of the design. Whatever is of the same digital sequence or aske code automatically receives the energy no matter where, via the scalar waves.

    This is a fundamental explanation that helps to clarify the proprietary technology. Please recognize that we are working on the Quantum field and that we are continually upgrading our technology and therefore our energy.

    HighChi Energy™ is an energy formula that allows you to achieve higher states of being, consciousness and abundance. Also recognized for its great anti-aging properties, HighChi energy is a fusion of the 12 Higher Harmonics. To begin with, the seven higher harmonics of the charkas or energy centers in the body. Followed by the higher harmonics of gold, representing physical abundance and the same golden glow you see around saints. The energy formula also includes the higher harmonic of ultraviolet that provides spiritual abundance and horizontal positive green, which is the same life force energy around trees and plants. We then added white light that actually releases negative energies from the body, and so you can change reality in accordance with your will, your love and your imagination.

    G- Negative Green: carrying wave like scalar: a no frequency-carrying wave, which opens doors to higher consciousness.

    W White light: release negative energy from the body

    UV Ultra-violet: spiritual abundance

    IR Infrared:

    B Black:

    More information on the Chakras: energy center of the body

  • V Violet 7th chakra – crown chakra, awareness, self-knowledge, wisdom, consciousness
  • I Indigo- 6th chakra – 3rd eye intuition, imagination, self reflection, psychic perception, clarity, accurate interpretation
  • B Blue – 5th chakra or throat chakra- personal expression, communication, truth, resonance, creativity
  • G+ Green – 4th Heart Chakra, emotional intelligence, love relationships, balance, compassion, self-acceptance
  • Y Yellow – 3rd Chakra - personal power, will, self-definition, strength of will, purpose, self esteem
  • O Orange- 2nd chakra, sexual creative energy, desire, emotions, pleasure
  • R Red- 1st chakra – safety and security, abundance, survival, grounding, physical health

    How to work with the MegaChi™ Pendant

    When you want to create something wonderful in your life, remember to ask specifically for what you want to manifest. When you hold the MegaChi™ Pendant with Harmonic Resonance Energy™ ,and ask with focused intention, Professional athletes know the amazing power of picturing themselves winning through creative visualization. When you want to shift your reality quickly, what works extremely well is just holding the Harmonic Resonance Pendant in your hand or between your fingers and then do the 33 second technique, where you visualize yourself having what you want for 33 seconds with all the love and all the gratitude and all the excitement, you can feel, and hold that image and emotions for 33 seconds, and then release it), you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll manifest what you most desire.

    Even when people have conflicting or oscillating energy, caused by stress, bad eating, thinking or drinking habits, etc. by wearing the pendant your energy actually shifts to a higher energy signature. These energies create a resonant frequency and meet in the heart center or chakra , so you can expect to experience yourself as beautifully balanced, heart centered, and harmonized. As you wear the pendant day after day, in time the angels will be walking with you so to speak, and you will be able to call upon them for protection, and or for help. The key is of course to ask, in the attitude of gratitude, knowing it is already done. That's the major key to receiving, and part of the teaching with this work.

    The Harmonic Resonance Energy™ also includes physical abundance, the higher harmonic of gold. It's very exciting, as we know that if you resonate to that frequency or harmonic you attract to you that abundance. You have to have a vehicle in which to receive it, work, etc. In other words you don't just stay at home and wait for it to come to you. And again you have to ask, and be in the attitude of gratitude, knowing it is already done.

    Fighting against EMF Pollution

    The Body has 100 trillion Intercommunicating Electromagnetic Capacitors. Each cell maintains electrolytic balance to hold a charge that receives and broadcasts infinitely tiny bursts of electrical current at extremely low frequencies, called ELF. Only in the last several decades has science been able to measure this subtle energy exchange and the level of electromagnetic balance in the various organs and systems of the body. What this research shows is that continual increase of electronic pollution saturating homes and work places may be adding great stress to the body.

    Now, using that same advanced technology, a way has been found to locally neutralize the devitalizing electronic pollution in the environment. The Pendant also utilizes far infrared technology, which is a frequency of invisible wavelength band of sunlight that warms and vitalizes the body for maximum vitalizing, energy clearing and the increased feeling of well being.

    The Harmonic Resonance Pendant also offers a screening from potentially harmful electronic pollution caused by the abundance of machines, gadgetry, and power lines, in a way that allows the body to operate more harmoniously within the earth's natural resonance of 7-9 Hz.

    The Harmonic Resonance Pendant emits a frequency of 7.83 Hertz known as the Schumann Resonance. This is the frequency that the entire Earth’s magnetosphere resonates at. When we are in natural environments away from big cities, this is the predominant frequency, which our body feels. It has a profound "healing" effect. When we go back to the city, there are many other frequencies that override this resonance putting our body into a more “chaotic” state of being.

    By wearing the Harmonic Resonance Pendant, your body is benefiting from this healing frequency, and your system can more effectively rebuild and repair itself. The Schumann Resonance was first used for healing by Dr. Ludwig in Germany, who is known as the Father of Magnetic Therapy. Dr. Ludwig convinced NASA to install Schumann Resonance devices on spacecraft to have a stabilizing effect on the astronaut’s health in space.

    How Does the MegaChi™ Pendant Work?

    The MegaChi™ Pendant is the culmination of 9 years of research form Oxygen Research Institute, in synergy with the research of John Civitan and world renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who has been working in this field for 30 years. Dr. Karim’s work in BioGeometry is well known for the ability to transmute and transform negative energies such as ELF and EMF and into the higher harmonic of gold (physical abundance), the higher harmonic of ultraviolet (spiritual abundance) and horizontal negative green, which we know to be scalar (a no frequency informational carrying wave which opens doors to higher consciousness) using Harmonic Resonance Energy™.

    David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, in his book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants Of Human Behavior describes attractor energy patterns as having harmonics in much the same way that musical tones do. The higher the harmonics of the attractor energy patterns, the greater their power. Breakthroughs in shifting one’s energy come from raising these attractor energy patterns. When the individual raises the harmonics of his or her attractor energy patterns, he or she is no longer able to resonate to the lower, grosser fields of energy that have been exerting a negative influence on behavior.

    What's inside the pendant and how is it made?

    Many believe that the stronger the energy the better. Not so.

    We have discovered that even the most beautiful healing energy such as Horizontal positive green, if not properly balanced with the other energies, can actually become “ the bridge too far” as we call it, and turn the energy signature into Chaos, which is the opposite of healing, life force energy.

    Not only is the energy in the MegaChi Pendant of the highest vibration , it is thoroughly tested and measured by John Civitan, master radiesthesiast and researcher, to ensure it is beautifully balanced.

    Even when people have conflicting or oscillating energy caused by stress, by wearing the MegaChi Pendant, it is designed to shift their energy to a higher harmonic energy signature.

    Can I wear My MegaChi Pendant with other Energy Devices or Pendants?

    Absolutely! In fact because the MegaChi pendant contains only the highest and purest energy, including scalar, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, which opens doors to higher consciousness, whatever pendant you wear it with will be positively amplified.

    Wearing the MegaChi Pendant with the Q-Link or Taking your Q-Link to the next level!

    To release negative energies from your body, wear the Q-Link with the copper coil facing the body, and the MegaChi Pendant on top of the Q-Link, so now you’re cleaning up the energy field inside of your body.

    To Clean up the energy around your body, and be protected from negative EMF’s, place the MegaChi Pendant under the Q-Link, directly on your body, with the Q-Link on top of the MegaChi Pendant with the front of the Q-Link facing outwards.

    What Users Are Saying

    My girlfriend Katie recently purchased a MegaChi pendant from tools for wellness. I have for quite some time now been interested in getting one. Tonight I was doing some emotional healing and actually feeling rather sad, sort of in a black hole mentally. My girlfriend who's energy has been noticeably changed since she started wearing the pendant, placed the pendant on my skin. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! Instantaneously I felt a difference! It was like night and day! Thank you so much for making the Mega Chi pendant!

    R.T.- Florida

    I just want to say how much I love my MegaChi Pendant. It truly is am amazing product. I’ve got so much more energy that I’ve stopped procrastinating and just seem to want to get things done now that I have been putting off. (in some cases for months)

    I’ve also observed that my intuition is incredibly strengthened when I wear the pendant. It seems I know things before they happen. It’s very exciting.

    A.G.- California

    I feel much more centered and have much higher vitality, which is very important to me. I’m also feeling less stressed, as I feel I can deal with everything I have to look after now, and things just seem to look after themselves. I’m finally in the flow.

    H.P. - New York

    I’m visualizing more and holding my pendant doing the 33 second technique, It’s a wonderful tool for manifesting and to be bringing that level of intention into my life. It’s my lucky charm!

    J.P. - California

    It’s just wonderful! It’s been 90 days since I’ve been wearing it and I cannot believe how much energy I have. People are stopping me saying how great I look. You can feel it tingle, it’s just so good.

    R.F. - California

    Now I’m wearing 2 pendants and it’s really amazing. I now go to a such a high level of meditation that I’ve not been able to do in 30 years of meditating. It’s truly remarkable.

    J.R. - California

    This beautiful 1" x 2" pendant is plated in your choice of Rhodium (a rare earth minerals and more precious than even Platinum), Gold plated, or genuine 14K Gold (inquire for availability and current pricing for 14K). Lifetime manufacturer guarantee (does not include wear and tear).

    Please Note: Pendant comes with a black silk cord (although chain is pictured). Standard Delivery only. Please allow an additional 7-10 days for delivery.

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