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MindWaves Meditation Goggles
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MindWaves Meditation Goggles

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In today's go-go, constantly wired world, it is very difficult for people to unplug, unwind, and get in touch with their inner selves. Mindwaves Goggles is a passive, low-tech Ganzfeld device that helps people quickly and easily enter relaxed, meditative, and higher states of consciousness.

The Ganzfeld Effect

Historically, Arctic explorers were the first people to describe the Ganzfeld effect, which is a phenomenon of visual perception caused by staring at an undifferentiated and uniform field of color. The effect is described as the loss of vision as the brain cuts off the unchanging signal from the eyes. The result is "seeing black" After they gazed into a frosty field of snowy white, they reported experiencing a form of snowblindness. Upon further research in the 1930's, it was discovered that when people gaze into a featureless field of vision (a Ganzfeld), they quickly and consistently enter a profoundly altered state.

When Ganzfelds have been tried by experienced meditators, they have described the effect as instant meditation. This is not surprising, since most forms of meditation require you to focus your attention on a spot, your breathing, a mantra, etc. While traditional meditation can take many years of practice, a Ganzfeld works for most people in a matter of minutes.

The Effect Described

When someone is exposed to a Ganzfeld, they typically experience a progression of effects that can be described as follows:

  • All color drains from your field of vision
  • The size of your field of vision oscillates
  • You "see" a swirling Kaleidoscope of colors

    Once this occurs, your mind is in an extremely focused state, and can be used in many useful ways.

    Uses for Mindwaves Goggles

  • Relaxation

    The first step on your inner journey usually begins with Relaxation. That's where you start the process of detaching from your constantly racing mind, and get to a place of peace and tranquility. Mindwaves Goggles can help you by limiting your visual distractions, and by acting as an anchor to help you more quickly relax the next time you use it.

    For maximum benefit, it is best to set aside a regular period of time to practice relaxation. Start with as little as 5 minutes a day, and simply observe the thoughts that are running through your head. This will usually reveal hidden issues that are causing you unrecognized stress. As you become more aware of your issues, you will typically find ways to address them, which allows your mind to relax, creating less stress in your life.

  • Meditation

    As you gain experience with Relaxation, you may decide to pursue a more structured approach to entering deeper states of awareness and relaxation. Meditation is one such approach that has been practiced since ancient times, both inside and outside of religious traditions. While there are many different disciplines and techniques of meditation, they usually fall within two main categories:

    Active Focus Meditation - In Active Focus Meditation, the goal is to explore a thought or concept in great detail. It's a great way to gain hidden insights into issues in your life.

    Passive Focus Meditation - In Passive Focus Meditation, the goal is to free your mind from all thoughts, and simply observe the flow of consciousness in silence. It's a great way to learn more about yourself, especially those things you didn't know you didn't know.

    Mindwaves Goggles can help you with both forms of meditation, speeding the focus required through the Ganzfeld effect. Ultimately, however, the main result of a consistent meditative practice is the attainment of higher states of consciousness.

    The Five Dimensions of Consciousness

    In addition to the three normal states of consciousness (sleeping, dreaming, being awake), almost all spiritual and religious traditions recognize two additional states: The Witness and Non-Dual

    The Witness - state that occurs when you focus in on the thoughts floating past your awareness, to the point that you are no longer in the flow, but outside of the flow looking in.

    Non-Dual - state that occurs when you empty your mind to the point of union. Goes by many names, depending on the religious or spiritual tradition of your upbringing (Nirvana, Samadhi, Christ Consciousness, Transcendence, One with the Holy Spirit, etc.)

    Mindwaves Goggles are an excellent tool to help people attain these higher states of consciousness. The Witness state is relatively easy to access using Active Focus Meditation, and with a little practice and patience.

    The Non-Dual state is much more difficult to attain, and it is often considered a gift of grace when it occurs. Most traditions embrace the use of a guide, mentor or teacher, along with Passive Focus Meditation, to help adepts attain their first experience of this state.


    In addition to the uses outlined above, Mindwaves Goggles may also be used to explore:

  • Self Hypnosis
  • Astral Journeys
  • Past Lives Regressions
  • Self Healing & Improvement
  • Psychic Abilities (see here)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Creativity

    MindWaves are a very comfortable, ventilated goggle with a white, translucent lens. The advantages to this product are low cost, ease of use (even in inverted yoga poses), comfort and ventilation. Goggles come with a white lens and are in a sealed bag for protection. Attachment is by an adjustable elastic strap. Also included is a link to an online user's manual.

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