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Mothership Hanging Pyramid Sleep System
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Mothership Hanging Pyramid Sleep System

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Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Now you can benefit from the rejuvenating effects of the Cheops Pyramid shape while you sleep: Nick Edwards finest pyramid sleep system, the 42.5" Mothership. The number one choice of Hollywood stars, celebrities, and professional athletes.

Enjoy the new experience of ENERGIZED SLEEPING and MEDITATION under the most advanced single pyramid generator we have ever created for modern living. The 42.5 inch base "Mother Ship" is the largest single shaft pyramid we have ever created. This gold anodized .340 size shaft is precision drawn from titanium alloy. The same shafts are used for the world's finest archery arrows. The exact Cheops pyramid angles are created by our unique jewel-like connectors.

When assembled, the "Mother Ship" pyramid becomes a metal sculpture of unusual beauty and easily hangs over bed or chair. The "Mother Ship" is very light in weight and can easily be taken anywhere you want to go. Our research over more than thirty years has proven that the 42.5 inch base size antenna design pyramid will collect and radiate more pyramid energy than a larger pyramid that sits on the floor.

All eight shafts can vibrate freely receiving high energy fields much like your TV antenna. Many users have claimed new highs in sex, meditation, dreams, psychic powers and well being. Our alloy shafts are charged and ENERGIZED with a 1,000,000 volt Tesla Coil to create the highest pyramid energy output available.

The "Mother Ship" Pyramid has a 42.5 inch base and gold anodized color is standard. Comes with compass.

Measures 42 1/2"

Ships by Standard Delivery. Sorry, no deliveries to AK or HI.

Product Reviews for Mothership Hanging Pyramid Sleep System

Mothership Hanging Pyramid Sleep System5JustinFebruary 9, 2012I first came across the Mothership at a local spiritual store in my city. It was a little expensive there so i found it online and bought it here. The first time I slept with it, I woke up the next day earlier then I usually do, like two hours earlier and I had so much energy! I got all my work done in a quarter of the time. When I meditate under it, I get to that "no thought state" way faster. It really helps clear your mind. Make sure that you have it ALIGNED CORRECTLY! Or it will give you a different effect, I tried sleeping with it spinning free and the next day I felt like I had to much energy (in a bad way). I was very irritable and quick to react. I would recommend getting a better compass then the one it comes with to align it. I bough mine at REI and works perfectly. The one it comes with is a little cheap. I use both just to double check. The more accurate your alignment is the better the results. Check out this movie called "Spiritual Reality - Journey Within", this movie helped me understand what the pyramid is doing and how to use it properly. All I can say is this Pyramid really works! =) I'm very happy with my purchase.

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