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Genius Code Course
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Genius Code Course

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You can improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability, including memory, quickness, IQ and learning capacity. Mind development pioneer, Win Wenger, PhD., has research showing that the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. He believes he can guide you to condition your own mind in the same way.

Years ago Dr. Wenger began to make sense of his own flow of inner images and thoughts. He called his flow of impressions the “ImageStream.” This work led to his discovery that the ImageStream is the bridge to using the super power of the brain like great thinkers, such as Galileo, da Vinci, Tesla, Edison and Einstein. Wenger teamed up with Paul Scheele to teach you how to explore your ImageStream and then they teach you amazing mental exercises to help you figure out what the messages mean. You use these exercises to “crack your genius code.”

This outside-the-box course transports you to the edge of the cutting edge of personal development and headlong into the mystery of the workings of the human brain. Fun, exciting and ripe with unlimited possibilities. It really does not matter what you know or what work you do. Accessing your ImageStream holds universal benefits for each and every one – even when you do it for just five minutes.

Amplify your genius and increase your intelligence

This groundbreaking ImageStreaming process opens a secret passageway to the dynamic resources of your brain, and it is easily within your reach. Use it, and feel brighter, clearer, calmer, more confident and happier than you do at present! Take it farther, and achieve greatness.

From the beginning you will find it infinitely easier to:

  • Make your 6th sense as available and expedient as your other five senses

  • Attain absolute self-confidence in all you do

  • Solve any personal or professional problem with startling creativity

  • Accelerate the speed of learning anything

  • Achieve your goals using your own immense support

  • Experience every moment as perfectly rewarding

    Clear communication channels to and from the inner mind to improve problem solving and increase intuition

    For many people the impressions of the ImageStream are cluttered with static such as what you might see on TV. Two other mental exercises called “Hidden Question” and “High Think Tank” get the noise and interference out of the communication lines between the conscious and the genius mind … similar to a high-speed DSL line used for fast computer connectivity. This improves problem solving and increases the speed of getting intuitive and creative insights.

    Supercharge your PhotoReading with ImageStreaming

    Perhaps you know that Paul Scheele developed the “PhotoReading Whole Mind System." With PhotoReading you tap into your brain’s ability to process large volumes of information at fabulous speeds. Dip into the ImageStream and learn virtually any skill through simply PhotoReading books. Beyond reading for knowledge – you can read to learn skills. ImageStreaming turbo-boosts this direct learning application of PhotoReading.

    Scheele teaches the basics of PhotoReading in Genius Code, so you immediately can apply direct learning to a skill you want, such as:

  • Improve productivity at work

  • Increase sports performance such as tennis and golf

  • Refine woodcarving, cooking, gardening or any other hobby

  • Build communications skills

    Contents of Genius Code course manual

  • Establish Your Goals
  • Image Streaming
  • Receiving Information
  • Over-the-Wall
  • Interpreting Information
  • Activating Your Genius
  • High Think Tank
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Borrowed Genius
  • Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
  • Next Steps
  • Personal Journal
  • Sources of Error
  • Fast Finish

    Program contains 7 Program CDs,"Think Visually" booklet and workbook.

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