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SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System
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SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

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The SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Sinus Irrigation System is a natural, very gentle, and soothing drug free device to relieve symptoms caused by sinus infections, allergies and the common cold including: post nasal drip, cough, congestion, sinus headaches, and irritated nasal passages.

The SinuPulse Elite helps prevent sinus infections and relieves the associated pain and pressure. It is designed as a preventative therapy and natural maintenance regimen to help increase ciliary flow and gently clear sinus passages for adults and children suffering from: sinusitis, allergies/rhinitis, recurrent sore throats, and cold and flu symptoms. Developed with over 30 years of experience with pulsatile irrigation the SinuPulse Elite is the most advanced nasal sinus irrigation system complete with state-of-the-art electronics and Intellipulse™ technology.

The SinuPulse Elite with the patented SinuMist® Tip is the only device capable of delivering either an atomized gentle mist spray for soothing relief or a more thorough pulsating (not steady) stream to cleanse & moisturize the sinuses and massage the cilia of the nose and sinuses to their normal, healthy state. A SinuPulse Elite sinus treatment is gentle, pleasant & soothing leaving you feeling clear and fresh. The system uses only saline, or for best results, our enhanced nasal moisturizing solution. The SinuPulse Elite® is completely DRUG-FREE.

2 Units in 1!

The simple easy to use and drug free SinuPulse Elite Advanced Sinus Irrigation System offers a unique patented dual pulsating spray function. It is the first and only pulsating irrigation system designed to deliver both an atomized pulsating mist spray for a gentle moisturizing action and to deliver targeted rinses and solutions or you can use the more thorough cleansing pulsating rinse operation. With the pulsating atomizer spray and pulsating cleansing rinse it really is like having two units in one!

Clinically proven to stimulate and restore nasal cilia

Pulsating sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests and published medical reports to improve and stimulate the nasal and sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses. A short period of regular use can help to restore their natural, protective, “sweeping” action.

Pulsatile irrigation reported more effective at removing bacteria

Clinical studies report pulsating lavage is up to 100X more effective at removing bacteria. The SinuPulse Elite features state-of-the-art dual spray mode operation capable of delivering both a moisturizing pulsating atomized mist spray or a more thorough cleansing pulsating rinse. The gentle pulsating cleansing action of the SinuPulse Elite Sinus System may even be eligible for reimbursement by insurance providers.

Evidence shows that pulsating saline lavage can remove bacteria. Anglen J, Apostoles S, Christensen G, Gainor B. The efficacy of various irrigation solutions in removing slime-producing staphylococcus.J Orthopaed Trauma 1994;8:390-6.Osguthorpe J,Hadley Rhinosinusitis: current concepts in evaluation and management. Med Clin North Am 1999;83:27-41.

The SinuPulse Elite has been designed to be clog free, leak resistant, and to resist corrosion and premature wear associated with use of saline products in standard oral irrigator devices (i.e. Water Pik type appliances) not designed for nasal irrigation.

Beneficial for:

  • Sinusitis, Allergic/Rhinitis and Post Nasal Drip.
  • Sinus headaches and congestion.
  • Cold and Flu symptoms.
  • Removal of sinus infection causing particles: allergens, pollutants, dust, dirt, and pollens.
  • Prevent sinus infections and enhance ciliary flow.
  • Helps improve breathing.
  • Remove industrial & environmental pollutants.
  • Cleanse naturally, without drugs!

    What's Included:

  • SinuPulse Elite® Sinus Irrigator
  • Nasal Irrigation Tip
  • Nasal Atomizer Tip
  • Throat Irrigation Tip
  • Throat Atomizer Tip
  • 30 packets of SinuAir Powdered Saline Mix (30 day supply)
  • Sinus Survival Tips, by Dr. Robert Ivker

    Features include:

  • State-of-the-art Micro Touch power button
  • Electronic LED display
  • Dual spray operation for pulsating mist or cleansing rinse
  • Hypo allergenic design
  • EZ Touch pressure control button on handle for fingertip control
  • 360º swivel tip with lock and release for comfort and control
  • Clog free and leak resistant design
  • IntelliPulse™ technology for accurate pulse rate
  • Quiet operation
  • Measurement scale
  • High-capacity water tank with hygienic cover
  • Soft color coded nasal tips for family members
  • Sinus treatment information.
  • Designed and engineered in Switzerland
  • Measures 5"x5"x7". AC adapter included.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

    The SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Sinus Irrigation System includes the Throat Irrigator Tip & Advanced Tongue Cleaner. Throat irrigation provides gentle soothing relief of sore throat pain, reduces swelling, and encourages healing by massaging and stimulating blood flow to the infected area. New state-of-the-art tongue cleaner feature utilizes a unique patented contour design and quad-edge action for greater comfort and control. The gentle pulsing rinse removes bacteria and food particles for fresh breath! The fine mist application is excellent for use with your favorite mouth rinse or antiseptic for fresh breath protection.

    "I recommend the SinuPulse Elite®, it is the premier state-of-the-art nasal irrigation device. It is the only device capable of delivering both a gentle pulsating moisturizing mist spray for doctor recommended solutions or a more thorough cleansing pulsating rinse. One of the most therapeutic measures in completely eliminating a sinus infection and treating sinusitis the SinuPulse Elite® can help quickly and dramatically." Dr. Robert S. Ivker, Author Best Selling Book "SINUS SURVIVAL" Past President, American Holistic Medical Association Professor Dept. of Family Medicine and Otolaryngology University of Colorado, School of Medicine Boulder, CO

    "Our team has been using these products as part of our regular health care regimen. I've found that SinuPulse Elite has helped many of our players that suffer from sinus and allergy problems." Garry Vitti, Head Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Lakers.

    Read the user's manual

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