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Water Rejuvenizer

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Enjoy a higher vibration and more uplifting quality to the water you bath and shower in, as well as water you cook with and wash your food in. Since the body absorbs so much water through the skin, it can only appreciate the Rejuvenizer's ability to help neutralize the effects of any chemicals or toxins in your water.

[The Water Rejuvenizer is not intended to replace water purifying systems which remove chlorine, mineral deposits, or other undesirable substances, but can only enhance the value of such systems.]

Instructions for using your Water Rejuvenizer

Fasten the Water Rejuvenizer to any water pipe underneath the sink and it will work on all water coming into your house. You can use the enclosed sticky pad to attach it to the pipe, but you will want to reinforce it by wrapping tape around it and the pipe, to ensure that it stays in place.

In order to keep the water quality high in your pool or spa, attach the Water Rejuvenizer to the pool or spa itself, or to any permanent structure within six feet of your pool or spa. [The Water Rejuvenizer will not handle both pool and spa simultaneously, if they are in separate "containers" in different locations. If they are attached, one Water Rejuvenizer will be sufficient.]

What users are saying:

"After installing the Water Rejuvenizer, I took a bath and had the most wonderful experience. I felt etheric, buoyant, like I was floating in space. The water made me feel lighter, and I felt a certain clarity, along with a marvelous sense of oneness with the water. In addition, that night, I noticed a big difference in my skin texture. Then, the next day, I noticed that this extremely irritating rash that I had had for at least a year, had cleared up substantially. " P.G., California

"I've been using Phyllis' Water Rejuvenizer for two weeks and my showers are no longer an exhausting ordeal, as it is for many of us older folks. They are a refreshing experience again (I'm no longer shaky, out of breath and in need of a nap). The water seems more coherent... feels better somehow, and I like this effect very much." L.A. Texas

Product Reviews for Water Rejuvenizer

Water Rejuvenizer3Spring326January 29, 2013I purchased this item, thinking it would be somewhat like an EMF blocker - that it would attach to my water tank and would harmonize the water. It is a piece of glass with a sticker on the back. I have attached it and do not necessarily notice a difference from my typical bath experience. This has been after approximately 1 month of usage. To see if I directly noticed a difference I attached it to my shower head - and still no real amplified rejuvenation. I have continued to use in faith - but have yet to be completely convinced.

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