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Full Body Beamer
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Full Body Beamer

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The Full Body Beamer is our most powerful Beamer product. It is 13 inches long (1 cubit) and 1½ inches in diameter. The beam emanating from this Beamer is strong enough that you can sit in its’ field and have a complete body treatment. Included with the Full Body Beamer are two accessories: a strong neodymium magnet and an aqua-aura quartz crystal.

We suggest that you sit in the field of the Full Body Beamer and enjoy being bathed in the energies of balance and harmony. Feel yourself becoming freer as blockages release and your energy increases.


Our physical bodies are the end result of energy that has been directed by higher resonant sources. Our bodies are controlled and regulated by energy flow and energy pulses. This bio-energy (called prana or life force) feeds our cells and keeps them going. Some of the ways in which we receive energy are by breathing, eating, drinking, resting, and sleeping. However, polluted air and water, toxic and processed food, high levels of electronic and electrical interference, and stress serve to deplete this energy. The Full Body Beamer provides high resonance energy in a way that is very beneficial for the body. Some of the sources for the energy emanating from the Full Body Beamer are orgone energy, sacred geometry, and inert gas technology. The crystal and the magnet add their own extra energy frequencies.

Higher Energy Bodies

Two of the electrical fields that animate the physical body are the aura and the etheric body. These bodies are the blueprint for the physical body. The Beamers’ energy field helps to balance these higher frequency fields.

A strong egg-shaped aura is the ideal for balance and harmony. This is almost impossible to maintain in today’s increasingly toxic world. Modern day electrical influences such as radio and TV waves, microwaves, high voltage wires, cell phones and other such signals scatter and distort our aura. As our auric and etheric energy is scattered, the energy field supporting our body loses its’ vitality and balance.

The high frequency emissions from The Full Body Beamer restore the egg shape to the aura and help to rebalance the etheric body. Aura readers and Kirlian photography can verify the shape of the aura. They can also verify that the white light factor in the aura has increased considerably after a Full Body Beamer session. White light shows the balance in our electrical fields.

As our fields become more clear, we feel lighter, more able to focus, and more connected to our life source. Our bodies feel more vital and our ability to meditate improves.

Full Body Beamer Session

Place the Full Body Beamer on a counter or table so that it is aimed at your torso. Lay it on a natural fibre cloth so that it is isolated from plastic and synthetic surfaces. Initially, sit or stand comfortably 8 to 10 feet from the Beamer with arms and legs uncrossed. The tip of the Beamer should be pointing at your body. Begin with a ten minute session once or twice per day. As you acclimatize, you can increase your time in the field.

To acclimatize slowly, you can either increase the distance from the Full Body Beamer or you can shorten the time of a session. The aura is layered like an onion, so certain negative fields are easier to release by tuning the Full Body Beamer to the appropriate distance. As you become familiar with your body’s responses to the Beamer, you will be able to gauge the most appropriate distance and time for each session.

While in the field of the Full Body Beamer focus upon your body coming into harmony and balance. If you have points of pain or blockage, you can then hold the Beamer directly on these points for a few seconds until you feel a shift. You can also use the Beamer on any acupuncture or reflexology points that you wish to open.


Due to the powerful nature of the Full Body Beamer, we recommend that you acclimatize to the field. Initially, sit in the field for periods of no more than ten minutes, twice per day. When your electrical circuitry has blockages (from eating processed food, from negative emotions, from negative electrical frequencies, etc.) it can only handle comfortably a certain amount of additional energy. Overuse may cause a jittery feeling. Grounding will rebalance you. Shake out your hands, wiggle your toes, or ground yourself in your own way. The Beam is always on, so initially we recommend that you remove the Full Body Beamer from the room you will be in, and point it away from people and plants. Corrugated cardboard will stop the Beam.

Tingling is to be expected as blockages release. Cleansing responses are also to be expected. Staying too long in the field may prompt a “healing crisis” (for example, tiredness, nausea or headache due to detoxification.) Deep cellular pains may arise and clear as you progress with your Beamer sessions. It is common to re-experience pain in injured areas while the blocked energies are releasing. These areas then feel much freer and more at peace once they have released. As you feel comfortable in the energy field, you may increase the time spent being bathed by the Full Body Beamer.

Other Applications

You can “Beam” your food and beverage before consuming them. To “Beam” anything means to aim the tip of the Beamer a few inches over whatever is being “Beamed”. The charge is virtually instantaneous. When using herbs or nutritional supplements, “beam” them first, and then hold them on the shaft of the Beamer while you are charging your food. This increases their effectiveness by structuring their energy into your food. You can also “Beam” your nutritional supplements, cosmetics and creams, bath water, water for your plants and pets, etc.

Color Therapy

There is much information available on color therapy and the importance of color to the various aspects of the physical body. The combination of a color light box and the Full Body Beamer is quite profound. Glass slides are recommended. The colors red, orange and yellow can be used for energizing. Green, turquoise, and pink help to balance the heart. Blue, violet, and indigo are excellent for raising consciousness, connecting with spirit, and improving focus and concentration. If using a color generator, it is optimal to shine the light on the shaft of the Beamer, about two inches back from the tip. Always begin and end your color session with the green slide. Results can be greatly accelerated by combining color with the Full Body Beamer. We suggest a maximum of two minutes for each of the colors until you are well acclimatized to the Full Body Beamer.


a. Magnet

Magnets work very well in conjunction with the Full Body Beamer. Included with your Beamer is a Neodymium magnet. The Neodymium magnet is a very powerful magnet. It significantly extends the bandwidth and the output of the Beamer. As with all magnets, it is important that they be used properly. We recommend that the magnet be placed on the flat end of the Beamer with the side marked “N” for north toward the Beamer. This is very important. Do not place with the south side towards the Beamer unless you are very familiar with magnets and know that you are using it for the correct application. Use great care when handling this magnet. It will easily be drawn to anything metal. It can cut your skin if your hand gets caught between it and the metal. If the magnet attaches itself to a metal object, the best way to remove it is to slide it off the object rather than to try pulling it off. Do not place the magnet near audio tapes, video tapes or credit cards.

b. Aqua-Aura Quartz Crystal

Crystals are ideal tools for working with our body energies. They form in very precise mathematical spirals. This same pattern is reflected both in spiral galaxies and in the RNA/DNA molecules of our human cells. The matrix of the molecular alignment in quartz crystals is the most precise pattern in nature. Quartz crystals help to align our energies to their highest matrix. The blue crystal that is included with your Full Body Beamer is a gold infused quartz crystal. It is the gold infusion that gives it the blue color. This is called aqua-aura. This crystal adds another blueprinting factor to the field of the Full Body Beamer.

In the same way that our bodies pick up and store discordant energies, so do crystals. We recommend that prior to each Full Body Beamer session you clear the crystal. Hold it about three inches in front of the Full Body Beamer for a few seconds. During a Beamer session, we recommend that you place the crystal either on the top of the shaft of the Beamer or touching the side the shaft of the Beamer. The optimal placement is about 2 inches away from the tip.

Neutralization Ring is another product that works very well in conjunction with the Full Body Beamer. Whereas the Full Body Beamer is emanating a high resonance subtle energy, the Neutralization Ring works to remove negative energies. When the Ring is used prior to a Beamer treatment, the results are more profound because interference has been cleared.

Color of unit is gold/copper. Please allow an additional 10-14 days for delivery. Standard Delivery only.

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