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goLite BLU Portable Handheld Light Therapy Device
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  • goLite BLU Portable Handheld Light Therapy Device
  • goLite BLU Portable Handheld Light Therapy Device

goLite BLU Portable Handheld Light Therapy Device

Item # 45102
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Advanced Mood Relief For:

  • SAD
  • Winter Blues
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Jet Lag
  • Fatigue

    The goLITE BLU is a new therapy light designed as a safe, simple and effective solution to help beat the winter blues. In scientific research, light therapy has been shown to improve mood and energy by regulating our internal body clock or circadian rhythms – the body’s 24-hour cycle of activity and sleep related to light. The body clock is stimulated by blue light like the blue found in the summer sky. In the winter we get less of this light and so many people suffer from the winter blues.

    Light therapy is a natural way of beating the winter blues without the use of drugs or artificial stimulants. Results can be felt within a few days with as little 15 to 20 minutes of use per day. The goLITE BLU represents significant improvements in portable blue light therapy. Science has shown that to stimulate the body clock we don’t need intense white light. This is because a person’s body clock can respond up to two times greater to blue light than to white light and white light is 50 times more intense. Our Bluewave technology, which is incorporated into the goLITE BLU, dramatically reduces the overall intensity of light as compared to bright white therapy devices and can help minimize potential side effects such as eyestrain, glare and headaches.

    The new goLITE BLU has been enhanced with innovative aesthetics and advanced features to provide a comfortable user experience. Features include:

  • A soft, even, comfortable light that helps to eliminate the harsh glare and contrast problems associated with traditional light therapy products.

  • A wide viewing field to enable the user to perform routine activities such as reading, eating, watching television or computer work while using the device.

  • A sleek design that makes the device easy to use, pack and store. It also fits in nicely with any room or office décor.

  • Backlit touch screen controls that are simple to use and program.

    The stylish device, which measures 5.3” x 5.5” and weighs only 12 ounces, is equipped with a built-in clock and timer, rechargeable battery and protective storage case for convenient transport from home to office or while traveling. Designed to be safe and easy to use, the goLITE BLU passes ocular safety testing and all government and industrial ocular safety standards. It does not emit any harmful ultraviolet (UV) or near-UV light.

    The benefits of light therapy can include improved mood, energy, sleep and a sense of relief from the winter blues. Light therapy can also be used by shift workers or those who travel across time zones and have issues pertaining to jet lag.

    What is the GoLite and How Does it Work?

    These lights help lift your moods during the day, improve sleeping cycles and quality of sleep, help avoid jet lag illness, and irregular sleep patterns and energy deficiencies due to shift work.

    They improve energy levels and help the night owl and early bird return their sleeping cycles to normal while improving the quality of their sleep. The light produces natural sunlight at the appropriate levels to achieve these effects without detrimental ultraviolet radiation.

    Because the reaction is through peripheral stimulation, use the light at a slight angle to your face and do not look directly into the light. For the most effective response sit about 20 inches away from the light.

    The goLITE will allow you to store up to three different personalized settings (A, B, or C). Each program can be set to run for a specific time, and intensity.

    Optimizing For Best Results

    For optimal results you should be approximately 20 inches away. For best results, allow the light to bathe your face. You can read, eat, work at the computer, watch TV, put on make-up or use it while you exercise.

    Your eyes should be open for optimal results. The hormonal response works through the retina of the eyes, not the skin. This is not a tanning light. In fact, the BLUEWAVE Technology™ creates specific wavelengths, which produce effective treatment while eliminating UV hazards and reducing or eliminating eyestrain.

    Keep in mind that you don’t have to stare at the light. As long as you are within the recommended distance, it will be sufficient enough to receive an effective treatment. If you find that you feel sensitive to the light, experiment with adjusting intensity (brightness) and duration (length of exposure) settings.

    Learn more about SAD and get your FAQ answered.

    BLUEWAVE™ Technology

    Patent-pending BLUEWAVE™ is the result of ten years of research with medical universities and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Other companies may tout the benefits of this new research. GoLite is the only product to produce lights that provide 100% of the effective blue light.

    Used at NASA & by Research Experts

    BLUEWAVE™ technology is so effective that it has been used at NASA as the preferred method to regulate astronaut’s and shuttle crews’ sleep/wake schedules. BLUEWAVE was also demonstrated at the June 2004 Society for Research in Biological Rhythms (SRBR) Medical Conference, where leading researchers recognized BLUEWAVE as the definitive lighting technology for regulating circadian rhythms.

    Technology of the Future

    BLUEWAVE™ is so significant because it provides a higher effective response than most full spectrum light at 1/10th the intensity 10,000-lux. This means light therapy is not only convenient but easier on the eyes with fewer side effects. Because BLUEWAVE™ is so effective, all of our BRITEWAVE™ products have also been upgraded with BLUEWAVE™ technology. Indeed, BLUEWAVE™ is the technology of the future.

    How is BLUEWAVE™ Measured?

    10,000 lux vs. Photons/cm2

    Because BLUEWAVE™ represents only a narrow slice of the visible light spectrum, it cannot be measured accurately with a lux meter. Lux meters measure the total spectral energy from all visible wavelengths, not specific bandwidths. This is why BLUEWAVE™ intensity is measured in photons/cm2 instead of in lux.

    goLITE™ BLU Specifications

  • Proven BLUEWAVE technology, providing 100% of the recommended blue light
  • Updated compact, sleek design
  • Advanced diffusion optics for soft, even light
  • Wider treatment field providing more flexibility
  • Backlit touch screen for easy control
  • Long lasting eye-safe LEDs
  • Protective case
  • UV free
  • Built-in clock
  • Backlit digital LCD display
  • Carrying Case
  • Storable magnetic leg stand
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 1"
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Electro-magnetic field (EMF) free
  • Complies with ACGIH/ICNRIP ocular safety standards
  • UL, CUL, CE safety tested
  • US & Int'l patents pending


  • Internal Lithium-ion battery – Advanced, longer-lasting battery technology provides over 20% more battery life than the P2. That’s enough power for up to 5 treatment sessions on a quick charge and 8 sessions on a full 8-hour charge.

  • The GoLite BLU has new reflector technology making the treatment field much softer on the eyes, and twice the distance at the user’s face so they can be more mobile in front of the unit.

  • It’s only 1” thick, has a storable magnetic stand leg on the back of the unit, and comes in a nice leather-like carrying case.

  • The touch-screen interface and an attractive look makes a nice appearance on a desk or table.

    Now the best selling BLUEWAVE® technology is cordless, which means you can take it anywhere and use it anytime you need. The BLU keeps the best features of the goLITE M2, and with a two hour quick charge, you can easily get up to four sessions of light therapy. The BLU is ideal for those on the go, who may not have time to plug in their light, work the night shift, or travel frequently.

    Forgot to charge your BLU? No problem, the BLU works with the adapter as well.

    Worldwide use: BLU automatically switches from 110 to 240 volts, so you can prevent jet lag or receive light therapy anywhere in the world.

  • Cordless operation
  • 2 hour quick charge allows 4 sessions
  • Full charge allows up to 6 sessions
  • Works with adapter or on battery charge. Rechargeable battery included, making the need for a battery pack unnecessary
  • Clock timer with treatment reminder alarm
  • Battery indicator

    5.3" x 5.5". Weighs 12 oz. Runs on AC power and includes a universal adapter for 110/220/240. Ships via Standard Delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to take off my glasses when I use the unit? No, this specialized type of light is designed to work with or without glasses.

    Are there any major side effects? The lights are safe. Although there have been a few reports of temporary headaches or nausea, this is usually resolved by sitting further away from the unit. Research shows no long-term side effects of light treatment.

    Can I get sunburn from using the light? No. While typical fluorescent bulbs produce UV light, BLUEWAVE Technology™ eliminates almost all measurable UV light, and is safer than normal indoor lighting. Should I use the light every day?

    You should use it daily, especially during the winter months. Many people find that they don’t need the light during the summer. Others use it all year around because they work indoors or live in an apartment.

    Can the lights cause harm to children or pets? No, the lights are safe around children and pets. The light will actually draw many pets to sit by it.

    Can I use the light more than once a day? For most people getting treatment once a day is sufficient (use for about 30-40 minutes per day for the first week, then 15-20 minutes per day). However, you can increase number of treatments during the day if necessary. Beware, usage of the light in the evening (past 9:00 pm) can adversely affect your sleep.

    How long do the LED light bulbs last? The LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours (that's over 11 years!) under normal usage, so the GoLite does not need to have it's bulbs replaced.

    Learn more about SAD and get your FAQ answered.

    Ophthalmologic and other concerns

    If you suffer from an eye disease or have a history of eye disease in your family, you should consult your ophthalmologist before using any light therapy device. Also, if you are experiencing any temporary eye problems, wait until the problems are resolved before resuming light treatment. Consult a physician about light therapy if you are suffering from serious depression; have any medical or eye problems; or are on medication that affects your sensitivity to light.

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