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Luma 10 Light and Sound Mind Machine
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Luma 10 Light and Sound Mind Machine

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Luma 10 Light and Sound Mind Machine Session Library

The 50 relax, special, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, create/visualize, entertain and improv sessions that are included with the Luma 10 are listed above. The new LightWeave (a 3D kind of light and sound) technology is incorporated in 35 of the sessions and are marked with (LW) after the session name.

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    Over the years since the introduction of light and sound machines, we’ve heard some complaints from people who get irritated by lights that repeatedly strobe on and off. Now, one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of light and sound machines introduces their new Luma 10 . . . allowing users to relax into a deep meditative state while the light changes from very to less bright at different frequencies in different eyes. The lights never turn off. This creates very smooth transitions in and out of the four different brainwave states.

    Wait . . . there’s more good news about this remarkable, state of the art machine. There are 10 random programs that constantly change. The programs contain:

  • Beta (for focus)
  • Alpha (for relaxation)
  • Theta (for visualization)
  • Delta (for deep sleep)

    See a complete list of programs by clicking on the "Luma 10 Light and Sound Mind Machine Session Library" link above.

    Learn more about the Four Brain States

    How do they work?

    There’s a completely different program every time you use it. Therefore, your experience is refreshed … and your brain doesn’t get “bored.”

    The Luma 10 utilizes high quality filtered sounds spanning six octaves of pitches that include:

  • Pulsed Tone
  • Pulsed Pink Noise
  • Pulsed Chords
  • Binaural Beats
  • Binaural Beats with Surf Background
  • Dual Binaural Beats
  • Dual Monaural Beats
  • Frequency range of sound strobes: ¼ to 42 Hz

    Flashing Lights

    Light and sound machines have used strobe lights (flashing lights) for over 30 years to entrain brainwaves to a particular state of mind. The brainwaves take on the same rhythm as the flashes of light making this an effective tool to alter brainwave states. Some people, however, find flashing lights to be uncomfortable and they are not able to relax.

    The new technology used in the Luma 10 solves that problem because the lights don't flash and the intensity wavers up and down creating smoother transitions from one brainwave state to another.

    Random Frequencies

    When the frequency of light and sound remains constant for any period of time, the brain accomodates this and may become "bored" with this type of stimulus. Therefore, your ability to focus within a brainwave state may become diminished. One can make the analogy of watching a repetitive TV commerical; we assimilate the message, become somewhat annoyed to having it presented to us again; we're ready to move on. When the light and sound machine randomly changes it's frequency within a specific brainwave state (beta, alpha, theta, or delta), the brain can better maintain maximum ability to focus.

    Luma 10 contains the absolute latest in computer chip technology featuring true sine-wave light. All of the above features are packaged into this marvelous unit along with 50 pre-set programs. The price is quite remarkable, too!

    Top Features:

  • 50 built-in sessions in several categories (relax, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, visualize, entertain, special, and random)

    What TOOLS Likes:

  • Unique features: gradual on/off light pulses, lights flash at different intervals, can be varied

  • Very simple to use

  • Dynamic lights not available anywhere else

    Appeals To:

  • Light and sound users who have become bored with their current machine

  • Consciousness Explorers


    6” x 4” x 1”, internal battery, and 1 year warranty.

    What's Included:

  • Luma 10 Control Unit
  • Choice of Light Glasses
  • Headphones
  • Batteries
  • User's Manual


    This is perhaps the most innovative new arrival on the light and sound scene in a long time. The Luma 10 contains very innovative programming that involves “Light Weave” technology. Light Weave is perhaps the most important new breakthrough in light and sound technology in many years because the flashes of light change “gently” (as in a dimmer switch) from on to off. Previous technology uses on-off light pulses. This is harsh on the eyes. Gently changing light intensity creates visuals that are nearly impossible to imagine.

    While enjoying any program, Light Weave technology generates visuals that create movement of patterns within colors that have never been seen before in light and sound machine technology.

    Which color glasses should I choose?

    We offer a variety of LED light glasses to suit just about every need.

    Here's a list, based on popularity:

    ColorTrack Glasses. Click to learn more about this new technology to fast-forward your light and sound experience! Since introduced in 2006, ColorTrack now represents over 95% of all light and sound machine purchasers.

    Features of ColorTrack Glasses

  • A 20-color menu, including two selections with different colors in each eye

  • One menu selection where the color responds to the flicker frequency that is fed into the glasses; the color actually tracks and changes with the frequency

  • Color and intensity controls in the glasses for conveniently changing the color or intensity by pressing a button

  • Two options of being able to run different colors in each eye.

  • Ultra-bright LEDs create remarkable visual images

    Color Menu

  • Red
  • Amber
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Palegreen
  • Chartreuse
  • Greenaqua
  • Aqua
  • Blueaqua
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Magenta
  • Crimson
  • Pink
  • Offwhite
  • TruWhite
  • Right Red, Left Blue
  • Right Blue, Left Green

    Frequency Tracking*

    *The colors for frequency tracking are:

  • Delta - Blue
  • Theta - Aqua
  • Alpha - Green
  • SMR - Orange
  • Low Beta - Red
  • High Beta - Indigo
  • Gamma - Magenta

  • TruWhite uses a new manufacturing process involving phosphorescent dyes and luminance conversion represented breakthrough in technology we felt was important to introduce. Thus, TruWhite™ glasses using the new white LEDs.

    The true white spectrum LED lights (4 per eye) take the stimulation to a deeper and more intensive level. The name TruWhite reflects the experience and the fact that the white LEDs make incandescent "white" lights look quite yellow. The glasses provide a spectacular experience and a significant leap forward in AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation).

    The advantage of the full spectrum white light, combined with the fast response time of LEDs, make a very effective light/sound stimulation source, and they seek to replicate all of the colors of the light spectrum, so depending on which program

    Put the TruWhite glasses on... close your eyes ...and see just about every color imaginable.

  • TenColor feature independent left eye / right eye color selection and connects directly to any light and sound machine. Now you can get multiple color choices all in ONE pair of glasses!

  • Pure Red
  • Ultra Red
  • Rose Quartz
  • Yellow
  • California Gold
  • "White"
  • Pure Green
  • Aqua
  • Pure Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

  • CoolBlue The blue color has a soft/cool seductive tone. Blue hue and brightness added a relaxation experience one beta tester called "in the moon realm" and "weightless". This definitely is "see to believe" experience.

    Learn More about Light and Sound and Mind Machines

    Glossary of Light and Sound Terms

    Light and Sound Medical Disclaimer

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