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Brainwave Nature Suite - 4 CD Set
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Brainwave Nature Suite - 4 CD Set

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Sound healing pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has developed unique techniques for embedding brainwave audio processes into lush, multi-layered, ambient nature soundtracks. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto these audio pulses, to lead you easily to the state of mind you want to experience.

Combining natural brainwave frequencies with ambient music and nature sounds, Jeffrey Thompson has discovered a way to let you orchestrate your state of mind to...

• Stimulate concentration and productivity. • Promote insight and intuition. • Release physical tension and trigger the ‘relaxation response’. • Quiet your mind so you can drift into deep, restful sleep. • Heighten your sensitivity and foster communication and intimacy. • Enhance artistic inspiration and creativity.

Here’s How It Works... Every state of mind has a unique pattern of brainwaves—composed of alpha, beta, delta and theta waves—which can be measured and mapped. Brainwave Suite blends subtle pulses of sound into the musical soundtrack, to stimulate your brain to produce waves with a pattern that matches the state you want to experience.

  • Four Natural Environments

  • Four States of Mind to Choose From

    CD1 - ALPHA Gentle Rain

    Relax your body, ease your mind, and renew your spirit.

    CD2 - BETA Awakened Rainforest

    Enhance your focus for peak mental performance.

    CD3 - THETA Meditative Stream

    Experience deep meditation and inner calm.

    CD4 - DELTA Sleepy Ocean

    Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rejuvenated.

    4 CDs, 60 minutes each.

    Learn more about the Four Brain states.

    All brainwave frequencies were scored by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson whose innovative work, based on over 20 years of clinical research, is used by healthcare professionals in 26 countries. Dr. Thompson is currently on the faculty of, and has research and clinical offices at, the California Institute for Human Science.

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